The peace society

Oct 07, 2019 12:21

A strong disadvantage of long-lasting peace is that, should anything happen which makes this come to an end, barely anybody knows how to fight and drive back the forces who've broke it. Peace has become a divine-given daily self-evidence - and the loss of it marks a huge trauma ( Read more... )

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onb2017 October 13 2019, 17:39:50 UTC
The problem is that piece becomes a goal and type of decoy for those who gets used to comfort in their lives. This way their life can deteriorate but they are scared that it can be worse if you start fighting even for the necessities and prefer to live miserable life for the sake of piece.

Sorry, I haven't commented much lately. Working all week long. Now catching up and realizing I have very little time before a new round of rat race starts. Alas.


matrixmann October 13 2019, 19:10:13 UTC
Hm... So to say, from some point in time on, nobody wants to leave his comfort zone anymore, even if it was necessary?

Been a bit busier hier recently too. Lots of stuff running through my head...
I'm still unsure, in regards to the events in Halle during the week, if I wanna drop a comment on this or not...


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