Jul 19, 2018 14:23

Structures in adult life are just the same like when you are a school kid.
It's either hanging out with the right or the wrong people (those with high status or those with lower status), it's either doing what is seen as "highly virtuous" by the definitions of the group - or doing what is not appreciated by them -, it's either saying, meaning and standing for the right or the wrong thing (what just gets you the most "friends"), and it's either joining the race for climbing to the top of the hierarchy or finding oneself unable or unwilling to do that.
It's about owning and wearing shiny things, about acting big, about smiling and seeming happy, about not showing up with anything uncomfortable - it's about agreeing with popular opinion or getting excluded, about supporting the right or the wrong subject, it's about following the mainstream and deeming it the way to attain happiness.
You shall crave for the sun and 30°C while it actually burns your skin.
You shall do objectively stupid things and buy a lot of useless stuff, later boast with it to everyone else and feel like the king/queen of the world, while actually you're foolish like a clown.
You shall accept all stimulus with what you get surrounded with and never question the ideas you get told attributed with "positive" and "negative". You shall regard them as God-given and "natural", something that everyone supposedly harbors.
And you shall get on all nerves with that towards the people that surround you.
So that everyone who doesn't feel the same thinks of himself as less valuable, as sick or weird, as someone who doesn't show enough gratitude and is a bad person.
Even though this is a bubble that doesn't withstand facts or scientific proof...

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