Ah ha, another FO post!

Sep 10, 2006 05:02


Comment below to friended, though know that I won't friend everyone back (as I am pretty picky about that). If you ever defriended me in the past, don't think I'm going to come around and friend back, for any reason. Um, that's all, I guess. Comments are screened to those I haven't friended.

If you have been defriended by me lately, it was probably because we haven't spoken to each other in ages, so what was the point in us being friends, right? Also, if you've come to regard me as a fansite rather than an actual human being, then you're definitely getting cut (that insensitive bullshit doesn't cut it with me).

For all the OotP movie-related pics, head to ootpmoviepics; for HBP stuff, check out hbpmoviepics; for all things DH 1 and 2, make your way over to dhmoviepics.

Also, if you actually read dhmoviepics' infopage, you'd know that NO ONE CAN JOIN. Please stop asking.