SOPA is not dead (courtesy of: Demand Progress)

Apr 07, 2012 01:02

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They still just don't get it. Chris Dodd -- the head of the Hollywood Lobby -- is bragging that he's working on a new insider deal to push through SOPA-like legislation.

This comes just days after the White House released a new report urging Congress to crack down on piracy.

Please click here to tell Obama to oppose censorship and reject Hollywood's backroom deals.

He had this exchange with the Hollywood Reporter this week:

THR: Are there conversations going on now?

Dodd: I'm confident that's the case, but I'm not going to go into more detail because obviously if I do, it becomes counterproductive.

THR: Did you feel personally blindsided by Obama over SOPA?

Dodd: I'm not going to revisit the events of last winter. I'll only say to you that I'm confident he's using his good relationships in both communities to do exactly what you and I have been talking about.

Hollywood and Obama should've learned by now:

No form of censorship will be acceptable to Internet users, and we're fed up with corrupt, back-room deals that are driven by the rich and well-connected.

And any major Internet policy changes should be negotiated in the light of day, so the millions of people who'd be affected can have their say too.

Please tell President Obama to reject Hollywood's backroom deals -- click here.

Thanks for fighting for our rights.

-Demand Progress

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