multi-fandom fic-a-thon (come and play!!!)

Dec 14, 2015 10:45

RULES: shamelessly stolen from fluffyfrolicker and slightly changed. mostly not. love and squishes fluffyfrolicker

1. all fandoms/ships/characters etc are fair game, whether their from tv shows, movies, or books. AUs, fusions, crossovers, are also welcome. Even some combination of all three.
2. make a separate comment for each prompt. and don't be shy, prompt. prompt all the prompts. you do not have to plan to write something to prompt. though obviously its encouraged. :D
3. when you fill a prompt, please leave a comment below (link, title, warnings, prompt).
4. feedback is much appreciated always, but you knew that already.
5. have fun!

(Also if anyone want to make know that's cool.)

write all the things, all the characters, go forth and write things, my beautiful f-list, ficathon, you know you want to, all the everything, go forth and prompt, all the fandoms, all the companions

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