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Oct 19, 2012 21:30

Title: Open Up My Eager Eyes
Author: poor_choices
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Tyler Posey/Genevieve Cortese
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Knotting.
Word Count: 2200.
Summary: AU. In the nine years it's been since Gen saw Posey, he grew up into a hot alpha. So sex, obviously.
Notes: I can't really justify or explain this. Title from the Killers.
Disclaimer: Not mine, please don't sue.

"You look busy."

Gen stops spinning around in her chair and her pen falls off her upper lip and into her lap. She feels guilty for all of ten seconds before she sees the guy in the door and realizes it's Posey.

"Jesus, you scared me, asshole," she says. "I thought you were someone important."

"Wow," says Posey dryly. "Words hurt, Cortese. I'm not important?"

"Oh, shut up," says Gen. "What do you want?"

She doesn't scent him until he actually steps into the door, a strong shock of alpha that catches her off guard every time. Seeing Tyler Posey sitting in the bio seminar she was TAing was weird enough; finding out her high school BFF's dorky little brother grew into a jock alpha took it to a whole new level. She still remembers him as the dorky twelve-year-old who always wanted to show her his Star Wars action figures.

"Maybe I need help with something," says Posey, flopping into a chair.

"Door open," Gen says mildly. Posey never leaves the door open when he comes in; she doesn't exactly agree with the "omegas can never be in offices with alphas with the door closed" policy the school has, but she's still required to remind him about it. And then he ignores her.

"Maybe I have a deep biological issue."

"Maybe your entire life is a deep biological issue," says Gen.

Posey kicks his feet up on her desk. "So, how bored are you?"

"Pretty bored," Gen admits. "Office hours when there's no test on the horizon? The worst."

"And how horny are you?" he asks, smirking.

Gen stares. "Dude."

"What?" he asks, mock innocent. "You're in heat, right?"

"I'm on suppressants," she says, a little miffed. They've been kind of on the fritz lately, and, yeah, she's hornier than she's supposed to be. And it's possible that having Posey around is making it worse. But she's not going to tell him that. "Also, you're kind of being a creeper. Don't you have a deep biological issue?"

Posey raises his eyebrows. "Yeah. I'm not knotting you right now."

Gen chokes on nothing, overbalances, and falls out of her chair. "Holy shit, ow!" she says.

Posey cracks his shit up, like an asshole. "Oh my god, are you okay?"

"Your concern comes off as douchey when you're laughing, douche."

"You are hella inappropriate for a TA," says Posey, offering her a hand.

"Uh, you just fucking propositioned me," Gen says, letting him pull her up. "So--"

And then Posey kisses her.

Apparently, at some point in the nine years between Gen leaving for college and Posey joining her bio class, Posey learned how to kiss. He's got her pressed up against the wall, firm but not so much that she feels trapped, and he's kissing her slow and easy, opening her up like he's memorizing her.

"Posey," she breathes, when he leans in to nuzzle her neck instead.

"C'mon, Cortese," he says, nipping her neck, just the barest scrape of teeth. "Been thinking about this forever. Wanted you ever since I learned what my dick is for."

"Which was what, last week?" Gen asks. He bites her harder this time, and she whimpers helplessly.

"Can I eat you out?"

It's actually the last question she expected--even in the bizarro world where she was expecting Posey to proposition her. It's not the first thing alphas usually go for with an omega in heat.

"Uh," she says. "What? Yes," she adds, without thinking. He smells like alpha and grass and home. It's nice.

Posey laughs low and spins them around, sliding her onto the desk. "You sure?"

"Aren't you supposed to be, um, bossy?" Gen asks, flushing a little. Posey's pushing her legs apart, surprisingly gentle, hands sliding up her thighs. She's pretty glad she couldn't find any clean jeans this morning; unexpected bonus easy access.

"Yeah, I'll get there," says Posey. "Just--say no now, before I get my hopes up."

Gen slides her hand into his hair, tugging him up for a kiss. "I'm not saying no," she says. "Come on, stud, show me what you got."

Posey's expression is probably the single greatest thing she's ever seen, his whole face opening up with joy.

"Does this qualify me as a cougar?" she asks, canting her hips up so he can pull her underwear off.

"You're, what, twenty-six?" Posey asks, laughing.


"Yeah, you're totally a dirty old woman," he says, and leans down to lick inside her.

Gen's sex life isn't bad, but she mostly has periodic casual hookups, and they always go straight to knotting. She can't remember the last time anyone bothered with foreplay.

"Jesus, Posey."

Posey presses closer with this happy noise, sliding two fingers in to spread her wider, pushing his tongue in as deep as it goes. He's good at this, and Gen finds herself wondering about the other omegas he's been with. He's an attractive, nice guy. He's probably had lots of girlfriends.

But he likes her.

"Come on," she whines softly, spreading her legs wider. It feels good and all, but--she's in heat, and just getting hornier and hornier. She wants to fucking come.

"Pushy omega," Posey teases, sliding his fingers in deep and stroking up. Gen whimpers. "Hey, what do you like?"

"Knots." Posey bites her thigh, and she swats him. "I like sex, okay? I like having fun with cute boys. I like you, loser," she says, laughing.

"Me, huh," he says, laughing too. He leans in to lick into her again, like he just can't resist.

"A little," Gen says. "We can try whatever you want later, seriously, I'm not picky. But I would also like some clit action, jesus, come on, please."

Posey laughs and fucking finally leans up to suck on her clit, this amazing, perfect pressure that has her coming pretty much instantly. It's actually embarrassing.

He sucks her through it, drawing it out for what feels like forever. When she finally regains her senses, the ass of her skirt is sticky and Posey is smirking up at her from where he's crouched on the floor. "Good?"

"God, when did you learn to have sex?" she asks, breathlessly.

"I can do a lot better," he says. "Haven't even let me knot you yet."

"Yeah, no," Gen says, and Posey's face falls. "No, god," she says, and hauls him up for another kiss. "Of course you get to knot me. But not here."

Posey nuzzles her neck again. "Why not? You've never thought about me bending you over your desk?"

Gen groans. "I have now," she says. "But seriously, not here. I have an apartment. I don't want to be stuck in here with you inside me for half an hour, there's nowhere comfortable to sit and everyone will know exactly what happened. And then I'll get fired."

Posey's grin is lopsided and hopeful. "I can come to your apartment?"

Gen laughs. "Yeah. You can come to my apartment."


Tyler Posey fell in love with Genevieve Cortese when he was seven, and she said her favorite X-Man was Beast.

"You have a favorite X-Man?" he asked, awed.

"Duh," said Gen. "Beast."

And that was it. He was done.

He's not really sure how he managed to actually make this happen; part of him still thinks he's going to show up at her apartment and she'll punch him in the face. But he can still taste her in his mouth, so--

"Oh god," he says, scrubbing his face. He can't stop smiling. He's going to Gen's apartment. To get laid.

He kind of wants to call his mom and say I told you so, but he doesn't actually want to call his mom on his way to sex. That's just creepy.

Gen buzzes him up promptly, for which he's grateful--his hands are sweating enough without having to wait for her to let him in.

"Hi," he says, and thrusts the flowers he bought at her. "I, um--I got you these?"

Gen starts laughing, and can't stop. Tyler wants to be offended, but he just starts laughing too.

"Oh my god, you're adorable, you bought me flowers," she says, and pulls him inside for a kiss.

"You should put them in water," he says, nuzzling down her neck.

"You have to let go of me first, doofus," she points out, laughing. "I will put your flowers in water, don't worry. No one's ever bought me flowers before, I don't want them to die."

Tyler follows her into the kitchen, looking around her apartment with interest. There are some pictures of her family, a beat up couch, but nothing really--revealing. Tyler doesn't know that much about what Gen's life has been like in the last nine years. He wants to know everything about her.

"Nice place," he says, mostly because his mom raised him right, and that's what you say when you go to someone's house for the first time.

Gen laughs. "You're cute, kid," she says. "I moved in here this semester, I've been seriously procrastinating on decorating. I have a box full of posters and books I need to get up, but I don't have good shelves."

"I can make shelves," says Tyler.

Gen raises her eyebrows. "Like, what, you go into the woods, chop down a tree, and make me furniture?"

"I was thinking we'd go to IKEA," he admits. "But I could try chopping down a tree, sure."

Gen laughs and tugs him down for a kiss. "How about we start with sex," she says. "And then you can start building things for me." She slides out of his arms, which he thinks is totally unfair, until she throws her shirt at him on her way out of the kitchen. "Come on, Posey, bedroom."

"You could call me Tyler," he says. "Or not. I'm not picky." He trips kicking off his jeans, leaves them in a pile in the hallway. His dick is already tenting his boxers. Coordination is beyond him.

"I'll think about it," she says. Her skirt is in front of the bedroom door, but he's still surprised when he walks in and she's lying naked on the bed.

"Oh fuck," he breathes. "You are the most beautiful girl in the entire universe."

"Yeah, I am," Gen says, laughing. "You grew up pretty good yourself." He pulls off his boxers and feels pretty fucking smug when her eyes widen. "Really, really good," she says. "Wow, Posey."

He smirks, climbing on top of her for a long kiss. And groping her while he's at it. She has amazing boobs.

"Want me to eat you out again, or am I just gonna claim you?"

Gen laughs, arching up against him. "You're gonna claim me, huh?"

"Uh huh," says Tyler, leaning down to suck her nipple into his mouth. "You're mine now."

"Okay," says Gen, sliding her leg over his so she can rub up against his thigh. "Sounds good. You should claim me. Immediately."

"I thought you were on suppressants," Tyler teases, pulling back a little so he can line himself up.

"Yeah, they've been screwed up ever since you showed up in my class," Gen says, and Tyler has to pause.


"Yes, you are screwing up my hormones," Gen says. "We can talk about it later. Come on, Posey."

Tyler doesn't argue; he slides inside, biting his lip because it is somehow just as good as he thought it would be.

Better, even.

"Oh my god," he breathes, and bites her hard on the neck. She's going to bruise, everyone's going to see, everyone's going to know Genevieve Cortese is his.

"Fuck, you better not get me pregnant," Gen says.

"Want me to get a condom?" he asks, biting her again.

"No, I want you to knot me, as soon as possible."

"So fucking bossy," Tyler says, laughing. He slides a hand under her, angling her up so he can get deeper, and the noise she makes is the single most rewarding thing that has ever happened to him. "I got you," he murmurs, kissing her. "Gonna take care of you."

He's so busy kissing her it actually takes him by surprise when he comes. Not that the sex part wasn't amazing, but the Gen was the best part.

And she's his.

"Oh fuck," Gen says, pushing back against his knot, and she scrabbles for his hand, pulling it down. He laughs and rubs his thumb over her clit. It takes one swipe and that's it.

Tyler's a sex god. It's cool.

Gen tugs him down on top of her, laughing. "I dunno if that claiming took," she says. "You're probably gonna need to try again. In, like, an hour. Just to make sure."

Tyler snorts and nuzzles her breasts. "What are we gonna do for an hour?"

"Make out," says Gen. "Sleep. You can play with my boobs, I guess. If you're into that."

"I'm into everything," says Tyler.

Gen laughs, repositioning. "I bet I could think of something."

"I bet not," he says. "But you should try. Something to aim for." He kisses her. "Hey, tell me more about how I screw up your hormones."

"Tell me more about how you've wanted me since you figured out how your dick worked."

"That's really the whole story," Tyler says. "Can I fuck you in your office next time?"

Gen pauses and then groans. "I'm not gonna be good at saying no to you, am I?"

"You're not?"

She laughs, shakes her head, kisses him again. "Yeah, I'm definitely not."
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