Mar 10, 2011 19:45

So has anyone noticed in the pilot episode of Supernatural. Dean's tape box is a Steve Madden shoe box. STEVE MADDEN! Let me just say Steve MAdden makes great high heeled shoes.
So who is gonna write a fix about how he got that box?

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quellefromage March 11 2011, 02:59:47 UTC
LEMMIE!!!! I miss you like pie. *G*

How the heck are you?

(Dean got the box from a girl he slept with, of course. Dumped her 4 inch heels in the back of the closet, nabbed the box, went downstairs and drank milk from the carton, grabbed a package of bologna, and hit the road before she even woke up.

And she didn't even care, cause it was that good.)


lemmypie March 11 2011, 03:45:11 UTC
Quelle! My darling how are you?
Lurking like me I see!

You should never miss pie! Mmmmm Pie!

Dean could take my shoebox anytime!


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