Of Birthdays and other things (but not really)

Feb 09, 2008 11:01

So yesterday was my birthday.
Let me start by saying thank you to all the wonderful people who took the time to wish me the bestest time ever!

All sorts of stuffed happened, I was treated to dinner by my family
where my boys lost their minds because we *gasp* took them out in public.

Showed up at my door.
My mom seems to think unless you get some ungodly sticky sweet thing, it's not actually your birthday.

So this...

was all well and good and so was the dinner until we had to beat the boys in public which always gets a little awkward.
As in years past, I try VERY hard to extend my birthday for as long as I can. So tonight Mr. Pie and I are going out to see a friends band play, there will be many people there that I enjoy and I'm sure there will be lots of drinks in honor of my natal day. (Really there are always lots of drinks, natal day or not)
Anyway that's once again all nice and great. But between you and me internets the only thing I really REALLY REALLY want for my birthday is to wear these shoes out tonight.
(Note: it is FUCKING FREEZING Here in the wilds of the midwest)

I am a girl of simple dreams and a longing NOT to be cold.

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