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Apr 21, 2012 15:18

FIRST there is a fic you must read if any of the following sentences appeal to you: "Doctor Who / Hunger Games fusion", "epic Rose-Martha friendship action gen", "cross-District mythology being made flesh", "Panem Dalek backstory", "Amy Pond and Finnick Odair kissing for the Greater Good". It's the best crossover I've possibly ever read; it, I don' ( Read more... )

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tamsinwillougby April 21 2012, 13:25:34 UTC
Anya ♥

I don't know about everyone else, but I have massive amounts of love for her.


laeria April 21 2012, 13:58:53 UTC
me toooo. She's like the only thing I love about S4. Dance of Capitalist Superiority! <3

Do you watch Game of Thrones maybe? Asha is Yara there.

D'you want a letter or are you sitting out this meme? <3


tamsinwillougby April 22 2012, 17:41:09 UTC
But season 4 has Hush!

Some of my favorite Anya moments are in The Body. It's an all around great episode, but Anya just breaks my heart in it. Oh, and when they are preparing to fight Glory and Anya just wants more ideas and comes up with so many useful things herself. And all of Selfless! And I'll stop rambling now.

I've been thinking about watching GoT, because it seems to have many diverse women in its cast. But sexual violence/rape is a big panic attack trigger for me, so I've been hesitant. Do you think it's doable to just skip those scenes or are there to many of them?

Yes, please give me a letter!

Also, it's always great to see a post from you! ♥


laeria April 22 2012, 18:03:49 UTC
Your letter is H!

True about Hush, and also Restless. I mean, I don't suppose it's v original of me, but Restless is my favourite ep, probably. (Hush is genius, but more in a see-once-and-die-of-laughter way. Well, and also a go-Willow/Tara-go way.)

True about The Body. I cried, totally predictably. I think my favourite Anya moments were the S6 finale - she didn't have to help save Andrew and Jonathan, but she did, ages before the whole ~redemption arc~ thing started. (Also: hot.)

I have to brb now, but I'll get back to you re: GoT.


egelantier April 22 2012, 17:45:04 UTC

if this augustine boy of yours will bite it in this book i've just started reading, i'll come and bite you. just saying.


laeria April 22 2012, 17:59:36 UTC
Ahahaha. Your trans-Caucasian threats mean nothing to me!


egelantier April 22 2012, 18:00:06 UTC
that's very careless of you, dude. very careless.


laeria April 22 2012, 18:07:48 UTC
I'll hold your hand if you need to cry? I'm magnanimous like that.


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