and in the darkness bind them

Jan 30, 2012 21:13

I had an exam today I will only partially pass AND YET it was the best fun I had all year, so does that make me:
a. tragic
b. blessed
c. both and also likely to be looking into tornado-chasing once uni ends?

Anyway, swiping a game from  ariastar because it looks really awesome:

"The One Ring game basically goes: think of (a) character(s) from a fandom other ( Read more... )

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egelantier January 30 2012, 20:19:55 UTC
psmith will glide to the mount doom, baffling every enemy on his way with his endless charm, destroy it and be back in rivendell for tea. duh.


laeria January 30 2012, 21:44:43 UTC
... um, no, actually, I'm pretty sure Psmith would succumb to the Ring? Not the power of it, that doesn't appeal to him, but, the, like, SO MANY POSSIBILITIES for invisible hijinks and do-gooding, and he doesn't really do authority well AT ALL, so if someone told him not to put the Ring on, wouldn't he just assume it's one of those warnings for lesser mortals he ignores on principle anyway?

Which, actually, Mike MIGHT do wonders in keeping him for using the Ring because Mike, unlike Gandalf and Elrond, etc, is an external authority he trusts.

He'd make an excellent Sam to Cordelia.


egelantier January 30 2012, 21:53:23 UTC
*distracts with shiny and runs away*

... )


laeria January 30 2012, 22:44:47 UTC
... oh dear.

also, flock of ppl here, cannot get away, GET ME A CAVE FOR MY BDAY PLZTHX.


thornyrose42 January 30 2012, 21:21:00 UTC
Neville would destroy it like nobody else! I especially have the feeling that Harry would be fairly useless, bless his heart, he's just not very good at keeping out the evil mind bendy waves.

Hmm... how about the Being Human quartet.

I've actually just started actually writing my dissertation, I got about fifty words down and then sloped off to the internet.


laeria January 30 2012, 21:47:30 UTC
I agree re: Harry. And Ron, who'd want the power. And, incidentally, Hermione, who'd use it for knowledge but would nonetheless be devoured anyway. The Neville-Ginny-Luna triage would be so much more successful.

Being Human! (I'm very slowly writing a Nina/Annie/John/Sherlock post-S2 OT4, btw, will you read it if it's ever done?) I think Annie would have to carry it, but not alone, because she'll be immune to the power, and she can already become invisible, but I reckon it'd still find a way to use her self-loathing. But if Nina was there to shake her out of it, all would be well. Nina herself would never accept to carry it. George could carry it short-distance in a suicidal way, I think, whereas Mitchell would martyrously take it and hide in a cave alongside it until one evening he lost it to Drusilla in a game of strip vampire poker.


thornyrose42 January 30 2012, 22:00:51 UTC
Yes, I thought that too. Trio version 2 would be a lot more successful.

Mitchell would be absolutely rubbish at bearing the ring, but he'd probably take it anyway because he thinks that he is better at dealing with temptation than he actually is. Well depending upon which point in the series he is at, imagine that in some hypothetical post season three scenario he would run screaming in the opposite direction.

See I wonder whether the Ring would have even more of an effect upon ghosts. I mean, my LotR knowledge is shaky at best, but wouldn't it be easier to turn her in to a Ring Wraith? Cause shes already sort of between worlds. Mind you Annie can be pretty damn strong minded, so I still think that she is the best choice. Nina and George can be her bodyguards!

Also I would eat that fic up with a spoon.

I don't suppose you've seen any of the trailers for the next season? BH not Sherlock.


laeria January 30 2012, 22:44:04 UTC
Yes, precisely, re: Mitchell.

I dunno, I think, yes, it makes you more wraithish, "like too little butter scraped over too much bread", etc, so, yeah, not the best thing for Annie. But still, she IS the hobbitiest of our cast, so.

I saw the trailer, yeah! I dislike babies, generally, so that may be a problem, but apparently we have a new and sleazy-hot vampire on scene, which, I approve, and I THINK I saw an actress from Bob & Rose in it, so, yay? Also, possibly, the Arthur Weasley dude.


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