where the rippling waters go

Jun 01, 2007 13:51

Went camping. It was very beautiful. We camped between two huge cliffs filled with blossoming mountain laurel and holly. A stream pools beneath a large rock and it's filled with fish. The land is full of caves and secret wells of water. When we woke the next morning there were deer tracks all through our camp. I found the secret wells, I dug myself into every cave I could find. I baptized myself in the pooling spring water so cold it turned my skin red.

Then why am I still so sad? That experience makes me want to be alone. I want to be there alone. My heart aches to be there as I type. With no one. I'm turning off so strange these days. I lose everything. I lost a cup of coffee just to realize it was in my hand the whole time. Why am I not refreshed and charged? Why am I drained?

No answer.
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