and so I recover from the bloody accident of falling off the learning curve

May 11, 2007 13:15

Even though I've not been doing many LJ related graphics of late I have certainly been putting my energies into becoming a well rounded photoshopper. Sure, it's been a lot of sketchy things here and there but what keeps me from actually jumping in full throttle is the fact that my HTML knowledge doesn't exist. So I've been looking into how things operate on graphics sites. I think I have finally cracked enough code to actually make my own website. Now isn't that a scary thought.

I want to start domain shopping. Geocities and angelfire is not going to work. I want to find an actual provider without having to pay assloads of money. I also want something professional without 25 ads blocking up my junk. I want to have an internet place that is all my own by my own making where I can blog and provide graphics, the whole nine.

I think I have enough info to get something off the ground and this excites me. For I would like to do this for a living instead of wiping asses as appealing as that may be. But then again it's just a fun hobby and if I do it for a living it might start feeling like a job. Then I might lose interest. But ah well, learning at least is never a bad thing.
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