school night

Nov 14, 2006 19:52

School Night
"What kind of scale,
Compares the weight of two beauties,
The gravity of duties,
Or the ground-speed of joy,
Tell me what of gage,
Can quantify elation,
What kind of equation,
Could I possibly employ?"

When I choose one over the other can the person left behind ever realize what a mess of a choice that is? Can that person see and understand what obligation and joy weigh? Does the same scale fit both? And how to I draw happiness into this equation?

I've had to add all pros and cons, divide that by 'benefit of doubt' and how far we've all progressed in our acceptance of love. And where the lines are drawn. And how far you can overstep those bounds.

The answer is you can't. Respect rules everything else out and how I can respect myself and other people when I allow them to rule me?

And what if respect equals love?

But I was never good at algebra and I was never good at being a friend.

Until I keep to my lessons I fear these choices will always cut me in two.
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