Cat Astrology

Oct 19, 2006 14:30

Cat Astrology:

Guesstimate the month your cat was born. Or you can just read the result and see what best fits your cat.

January 23-February 22:
A cat with interests that change with every wind. Have plenty of different toys ready and give it a tourmaline as a charm.

February 23-March 22:
A cat that refuses to interact with most people other than its human companion. This creature likes to remain aloof and enigmatic. Give it a malachite as a charm.

April 23-May 22:
A cat that loves to play with brightly colored objects and demands a great deal of human affection to be content. Give it a lapis charm.

May 23-June 22:
A loving cat, one prone to whims and changing demeanor. This cat cannot be "owned" by anyone. Give it a piece of coral for a charm.

June 23-July 22:
A terminally faithful homebody that is perfectly content to remain in one place its entire life. Give it a moonstone as a charm.

July 23-August 22:
A very territorial cat that must rule the roost. Befitting this cat's regal demeanor, give it a white diamond as a charm.

August 23-September 22:
A very clean, neat, and fastidious cat that will stop to wash itself at the first sign of dirt. Give this cat a rose quartz charm.

September 23-October 22:
A cat that wants lots of attention and will not take well to other cats competing for your time. Give it a blue topaz as a charm.

October 23-November 22:
A perfect cat for a familiar, this creature has incredible instincts. It is also very jealous. Give it a black pearl for a charm.

November 23-December 22:
A gypsy spirit surrounded by fur with wanderlust in its soul. Yet this cat can be very devoted if allowed to wander freely. Give it a jade charm.

December 23-January 22:
A cat that likes a place for everything and everything it its place. Too many changes disrupt this cat's demeanor until it settles back in. Give it an agate charm.

I think I currently have one Leo cat and one Virgo cat.

Tractor, the kitty love of my life, was Sagittarius.

Boy, they come up with astrology for everything don't they?
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