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Выступление Лаумулина Чокана Тураровича на конференции Russian Business Conference в Университетском колледже Лондона, 29 ноября 2014 года // University College London. 10.02.2015.

ЛАУМУЛИН Чокан Турарович, исследователь Кембриджского Центрально-Азиатского форума Кембриджского университета (Chokan LAUMULIN Research Fellow, Central Asian Forum, Jesus College, University of Cambridge 29 апреля 2014 года. Фото с сайта

Russian Business Conference 2014. Chokan Laumulin 2014, November 29th // YouTube UCL EBS. 10.02.2015.

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Chokan Laumulin ay UCL Russian Business Conference 2014.

Russian Business Conference, University College London:

University College London
Darwin Lecture Theatre
Russian Business Conference is one of the biggest London student-led conferences organised at UCL. In 2013 it attracted over 400 guests from the UK and beyond, who came to listen to 20 high-profile speakers including Yury Luzhkov (ex-Mayor of Moscow), Lord Clanwilliam (chairman, Eurasian Drilling Company), Vadim Shvetsov (General Director, Sollers) and Sergey Skaterschikov (the owner of ARTNews).
This year, UCL Eurasian Business Society brings together renowned experts from the areas of politics, economics, culture and business, offering you a unique opportunity to meet the top quality professionals, hear first-hand about their experiences and share your ideas with the public. We are also very proud to announce that we are launching our first Charity Gala event in collaboration with our partners, Chance for Life foundation and Consilience International consultancy.
For more information please follow the link below. UCL Eurasian Business Society is looking forward to seeing you at the event.
Simultaneous Interpreting is provided
28th of November: 18:00-21:30
29th of November: 12:00-19:00
Leading experts, who are shaping the current trends in politics, economics, business and culture of Russia, Russian-speaking countries and the world.
Listen to the exclusive speeches by our famous guests
Meet with business professional and like-minded students
Expand your personal network
Be a part of one of the biggest London student events

Dreams Without Borders
Charity Gala


Oleg Tinkov
CEO, Tinkoff Credit Systems
"Building the largest Online Bank in the World; Business Perspectives in Russia and Entrepreneureal experience"
Alexander Sinelnikov
Founder, Fora-Bank
Board member of Broadband Powerline Communications
"500 Years of Renaissance. How the world's Financial and Banking system works"
Timur Artemiev
Co-founder, "Evroset"
Founder, Spinar Ltd
"It's better to do: Speaking of own experiences, with reference to commitment to acting on own convictions, and the satisfaction of not looking back with 'what ifs'."
Danilo Lacmanovic
Third Rome, CEO
"Emerging Wealth: Entrepreneurialism of our days"
Igor Bartsits
Director of the Institute of Public Administration and Management of RANEP
"Administrative reforms in Russia : EU-wide trends and the syndrome of Anna Karenina"

Yevgeny Chichvarkin
Ex-Head of "Evroset"
Founder of Hedonism Wines "Marketing and more"
Russian Business Conference 2014. Yevgeny Chichvarkin, November 29th // YouTube UCL EBS. 23.12.2014.

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Чокан Лаумулин, Кембриджский университет, задаёт вопрос Е.Чичваркину: 51 мин.15сек.

Chokan Laumulin
Research Fellow
Cambridge Central Asia Forum
Centre of Development Studies, Alison Richard Building
University of Cambridge
co-author of "The Kazakhs: Children of the Steppes"
"A new balance of powers in Eurasia. Creation of Eurasian Union and a technological revolution"
Philip Halperin
Mentor, Oxford Entrepreneurs
Non-executive Director, Advisor to the Board, ex-CRO, Alfa Bank
ex-Senior Advisor to Board, Gazprombank
"The Influence of Culture on Governance & Risk Management: a Post-Soviet Story"
Seva Novgorodsev
Legendary presenter of the BBC Russian Service
Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Alfred Koch
Famous Russian politician
ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Russia
"Father" of the 1990's Privatisation
"Russia and the West"
Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco
Chairman of the Board, Rosinter
Founder of Rostik Group
Alexander Nikitich
Co-founder, The Tutors' Association
Founder, Carfax Education Group
Ex-Chairman, Russian Council of Great Britain
"Education as a global business, a passion, and a vocation"
Alexander Bobkov
Chairman, Beaton Group Director, "Lakhta Center" (Building the tallest building in Europe)
"Secret of highly profitable investments, only for those under 30"
Alexey Kekulov
Founder, Networking Academy
The most famous Russian Networker

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