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Jan 31, 2022 09:38

Current Shows and Ships:

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tv: mike and molly, tv: buffy, tv: wizards of waverly place, tv: numb3rs, tv: life with derek, tv: scrubs, pairing: elizabeth/peter, pairing: jim/pam, tv: desperate housewives, tv: castle, tv: drake & josh, tv: tbbt, book/movie: harry potter, tv: white collar, tv: criminal minds, tv: glee, pairing: dwight/angela, tv: leverage, tv: reaper, tv: chuck, tv: that '70s show, tv: hannah montana, tv: charmed, tv: agents of shield, tv: better with you, pairing: andy/oscar, tv: accidentally on purpose, tv: freaks and geeks, tv: the good guys, tv: grey's anatomy, tv: the o.c., tv: fringe, tv: pushing daisies, tv: gilmore girls, tv: x-files, tv: who's the boss?, tv: cartoons, tv: cougar town, tv: rizzoli and isles, tv: samantha who?, pairing: chuck/sarah, tv: harper's island, tv: jericho, tv: southland, pairing: beckett/castle, tv: warehouse 13, tv: icarly, tv: army wives, tv: new adventures of old christine, tv: community, tv: private practice, tv: ghost whisperer, pairing: casey/sarah, tv: the office, tv: haven, tv: melissa and joey, tv: angel, pairing: casey/kathleen, tv: in plain sight, tv: bones, tv: covert affairs, tv: once upon a time, tv: modern family, tv: sonny with a chance, tv: growing pains, tv: friends, tv: raising hope, tv: himym, tv: hawaii five-0, tv: ringer, tv: lost, tv: jag, tv: secret life of the american teenager, tv: the whole truth, fandom: misc, tv: body of proof, tv: roseanne, tv: other, tv: supernatural, tv: ncis, tv: eureka

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lizzieone May 2 2009, 14:17:39 UTC
Harper's Island Jimmy/Abby, and Cal/Chloe for me!!


klutzy_girl May 2 2009, 14:19:29 UTC
I haven't really gotten any ships yet, besides Henry/Trish.

Adding you now.


1337nik May 27 2009, 16:38:49 UTC
I feel like such a perv for thinking Dawn and Connor should make whiny emo babies together. It's even worse since I'm a B / A shipper and it would just be AWKWARD.


klutzy_girl May 27 2009, 16:40:03 UTC
That would definitely be awkward.


heka_granger October 27 2009, 19:42:41 UTC
Great list! We have a lot of ships in common. Except the HP ones.
But no Seth/Summer in the list?


klutzy_girl October 27 2009, 20:20:26 UTC
I forgot to put them there and didn't even notice! Will definitely add them.


heka_granger October 27 2009, 20:26:57 UTC
Jajaja... How could you forget Seth/Summer? They're so adorable and awesome...


klutzy_girl October 27 2009, 20:22:10 UTC
Also, we totally need to be friends.


hi :D we love some of the same fandoms! civillove January 2 2010, 21:31:28 UTC
hi there, i just wanted to let you know which ones i was into plus my pairings :D in case you wanted to know what we has in common :DDDD

SPN: Dean/Bela, Sam/Madison, Sam/Dean

Greys Anatomy: little grey and mark sloannnn :D

Private Practice: cooper and charlotte

House: Chase/13, House/13

Fringe: Oliva/Peter

Glee: (one of my favorite shows right now) Finn/Rachel, Puck/Quinn, Will/Emma

Drake and Josh: i loved drake bell when i was younger...kind of still do xD!

The OC: Summer/Seth, Ryan/Marrisa, Summer/Ryan, Sandy/Kirsten

Dark Angel: Alec/Max

Charmed: Piper/Leo, Phoebe/Cole, Piper/Cole

Buffy: Angel/Buffy (in the early years) Spike/Dawn

Angel: Angel/Cordy (early seasons, Cordy/Doyle, Wesley/Fred, Fred/Gunn, Fred/Angel, Spike/Fred

:DDD some of our / dont match but im glad we share so many TV shows :D


(The comment has been removed)

klutzy_girl January 5 2010, 16:01:51 UTC
I'm angry at Izzie, but I still hope she and Alex can work things over.

And hee. It's okay with your random comments.


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