'ZA' is NOT a word...

Oct 25, 2011 20:12

...and it certainly doesn't have a plural. Big fat cheaters.

And while I'm on it, 'QI' is a disgusting word the demeans the honour of a '10'. It's a '10' because YOU NEED A 'U'

That is all

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lostboy_lj October 25 2011, 17:13:04 UTC
YES! My favorite post ever!

"ZA" is totally NOT a word, and "QI" is a sickening game-breaker(not to mention, I've never seen anyone spell the word that way in my life.)


kerry_220 October 25 2011, 19:57:03 UTC
I also wonder what is it with "JO"? Isn't that an abbreviation?



(The comment has been removed)

kerry_220 September 3 2015, 01:15:09 UTC
I think I was obsessing over Words With Friends at the time.

You're supposed to play Scrabble with honour... or some such nonsense :-)


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