Fic: The Bruise of a Rough Start

Aug 11, 2015 00:31

Title: The Bruise of a Rough Start
Artist: bluefire986
Author: hildigunnur
Rating (art/fic if different): G/R
Word Count: ~6000 (at the moment)
Warnings (if any): multiple mentions of past childhood sexual abuse, mentions of sex work (Sam's stripping)
Fic Summary: AU. Kurt Hummel and Mercedes Jones might have thought that senior year at McKinley would pretty much the same as the other three years. But when Sam Evans returns to McKinley with his new friend, the motorcycle-riding, seemingly free-spirited Blaine Anderson, things get turned around.
Note: At the moment, I'm only posting the prologue and the first two chapters of this fic. Completed it will be eight chapters plus the prologue and an epilogue.

Link to Art: Here
Link to Fic: LJ and AO3
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