A Long Forgotten Road

Sep 10, 2014 12:57

Title: A Long Forgotten Road

Artist: riverance

Author: fmhartz91

Beta: treebleeding

Rating: T

Word Count: 36,000+

Warnings: Mention of major and minor character death (not Kurt or Blaine)

Fic Summary: Kurt, an Elf from Rivendell, is hand-chosen by Lord Elrond to guide Blaine, a Blue Mountain Dwarf, against his father’s wishes to a Mountain no one has been to in ages. Kurt is not too thrilled at the idea of acting as a Dwarf babysitter, but he has no choice. This is the one and only chance he’ll ever have to leave Rivendell and go on an adventure. Along the way Kurt discovers that this journey and this Dwarf aren’t entirely what they seem.

Note: I happen to be a huge LOTR fan. I tried to do my best to stick to the Tolkien style, however, as this is a romance at heart, there are many times when I needed to stray. Also, I wanted this to be my story, not a Tolkien emulated story, so of course the style will be different overall. I also tried to stay true to the world Tolkien created, but for the purposes of this story I needed to stray there once of twice, too. Timeline wise, this story takes place before the discovery of the One Ring by Bilbo Baggins. (Also, I apologize that I did not think up original names for Blaine’s brother or the members of his clan and relied on Glee characters, but this is also a Glee story, so I wanted to stick them in where I could). Also, since Kurt’s father in this story does not resemble the character of Burt in the story, he is not specifically named. I hope this all make sense.

I want to say a special thank you to riverance for her amazing art, and her incredible kindness. This story wouldn’t even exist without her, and I hope it does the beauty of her images justice :)

Link to art

Link to Fic: AO3

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