fic: we're still the same [dean/castiel]

Aug 01, 2012 17:34

Title: we're still the same (you're my king and i'm your lionheart)
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: hard R/light NC17
Spoilers/Warnings: None and none
Disclaimer: Not mine. Title from "King and Lionheart" by Of Monsters and Men, because I never claimed to be original.
Summary: Every knight has sworn an oath to protect their king, but Castiel made his vow a long time ago, promises pressed into Dean's skin before he ever wore the crown. ~600 words. AU snippet that I can only blame on my newfound love of Game of Thrones (and probably my first encounter with Renly and Loras: Future Life Ruiners). And pann_cake. ♥
A/N: Um, I wrote this at 4am. With a toothache. I DON'T KNOW. Also, one day I promise I will post something here again that is not fic. :(

Dean lives for this. It’s getting harder to sneak away - there’s always somewhere else he has to be, some new responsibility, and there are eyes everywhere. Sam is the only person who knows the truth, though Dean doubts the guard standing watch outside is completely ignorant, and they have to be careful to keep it that way. One wrong move and the whole court will know their secret. He doesn’t care what happens to him; they can have the damn crown. He never wanted it to begin with, but if anything happened to Cas...

Cas’ hand pulls him back to reality. His skin is rough against Dean’s cheek, his palm calloused from the handle of the sword he wields so willingly in Dean’s name. Every knight has sworn an oath to protect their king, but Castiel made his vow a long time ago, promises pressed into Dean’s skin before he ever wore the crown.

Dean leans down and kisses Cas, rolls his hips and loves the way the fabric of Cas’ pants drags across his bare skin. One of Cas’ hands tangles in Dean’s hair, gently moving his head to where he wants it, where he can lick into Dean’s mouth at the just the right angle. The other slides down his back, squeezes his ass, and Dean hisses when it moves lower, when Cas’ finger starts rubbing light circles around his hole. “Please,” he breathes against Cas’ mouth.

Cas hums and withdraws his hand entirely. Bastard. Dean pulls back and starts to move down Cas’ body, sucks bruises into his skin, tugs a nipple between his teeth, presses his tongue to every battle scar. Cas’ other hand never leaves Dean’s hair, grounding him but not guiding him. “I wonder what the people of this realm would think if they knew how easy it is to make their fearless king beg.”

Dean laughs at that, bites down on the jut of Cas’ hipbone, before moving lower, letting his mouth hover just inches away from the bulge in his pants. The fabric is fairly thin, leaving little to the imagination - not that Dean has to imagine - and Dean leans down just enough for it to brush his lips as he drags them teasingly along the line of Cas’ cock. Cas remains impassive at first, but his eyes betray him even before the tell-tale stutter of his breath that makes Dean pull away. He sits up and doesn’t bother to hide his smirk when Cas’ hips thrust up after him. “I’m not the king, Cas,” Dean says, his fingers finally working to remove the last piece of clothing between them. “Not here.”

“Oh?” Cas props himself up on his elbows, head tilted to one side in feigned confusion. He lifts his hips so Dean can pull his pants off, his cock springing free and making Dean’s mouth water. “Then what are you?”

Dean seals his lips around the head of Cas’ cock, just for second, relishing the low, guttural groan it earns him, before he pulls off and crawls back up Cas’ body. He kisses him long and deep and he feels Cas wrap around him, arms and legs pulling him closer, and they move together without any grace whatsoever. Dean lets himself get lost in it, lets the world outside of their bed fade away. Here he doesn’t have to be the king, doesn’t have to lie or hide or carry the weight of the crown. Here he’s just Dean and Castiel is just Cas, and they can be exactly who they really are.

Dean breaks the kiss and sits up, settles into Cas’ lap and reaches for the oil.

“I’m yours.”

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