spn fic: sanctuary (ellen/mary)

Jan 17, 2012 18:38

SPN femslash drabble for the week! Check out ilfirin_estel's amazing fic for this week: tourniquet smile (Chrissy/Claire, OTP ♥ ♥)

Title/Rating: sanctuary; PG
Characters/Pairings: Ellen/Mary
Prompt: shelter
Spoilers/Warnings: None? Maybe 4.03, re: Mary being a hunter. But this pretty deliberately disregards the most fundamental canon element of this show (Mary ( Read more... )

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joyyjpg January 18 2012, 04:50:38 UTC
Dude, this ship would the most amazing thing. And I totally feel you on John -- I like him as a character, but my feelings on him as a father are seriously mixed. And I love Mary more anyway, so now I just want this big AU where she lived and hunted and had this off-and-on thing with Ellen...yeah. *nod*


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