Drabble: Deja Vu is Funny (Miles)

Apr 20, 2010 23:55

Title: Deja Vu is Funny
Characters: Miles, Richard, Juliet
Rating: PG?
Spoilers: Through 6x12 "Everybody Loves Hugo"
Summary: For lost_in_108 prompt #30 reunion. This basic theory has been in my head in a while, but I'm still blaming ozmissage for this. I should be in bed, woman.

Dan and Juliet are dead, Jim and Jin are god knows where, Hurley's playing diplomat, and Miles feels like the last of a dying breed. At this point he's decided he'll never see his friends again.

Then he's rowing along with Team Alpert toward Hydra island when a boat appears, apparently, out of nowhere. Assuming it's Locke, Alpert starts shooting.

Something feels weirdly familiar. Miles grabs some binoculars and spots an unmistakable blonde firing back at them.

"No fucking way."

A bullet grazes his shoulder and he just stares, dumbstruck; then the boat disappears and he can almost hear Jim yelling "thank you, lord!"

Then he just laughs.

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