My DoVe love has met my Shadam love

Dec 23, 2009 21:14

My mother felt it necessary to talk mostly through the proposal scene of today's Y&R - I don't know about what, it was the final 2 minutes and Adam was proposing to Sharon! Anyway, in re-watching that final scene just now I caught something ( Read more... )

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chaotic4life December 24 2009, 07:39:27 UTC
WHAT?!?!?? Proposal!?

I so need to start watching this.


josiefier December 24 2009, 18:07:31 UTC
YEP!! On both accounts! Now we don't know if they go through with it yet... But so far, all signs are pointing to them eloping :DDD

Adam's taking Sharon to Lake Tahoe on the Newman Jet after she changes her "no it's too soon" to "yes I will marry you" :DDD


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