Local News: Your Budget Cuts are Showing

Nov 11, 2009 17:05

CBS 46: You should never let the children see Mommy and Daddy fight. Today, they interrupted my Y&R for the second day in a row so I'm tattling. Not one, but TWO of the news reports I saw for today were being done without "added help" of camera people - but by their Blackberries. An advert for Blackberries, perhaps. An excuse to stick it to the union, likely. And yeah, they're freaking out over the current flooding. It's nowhere near the "historic" flooding of September; which was terrifying once we saw how bad it was, I'll admit so they're just trying to freak everyone out again.

Okay, now that that's done - I impressed myself last night. I'd added some new songs to my iPod (I'm on such a Lordi kick), sat down with my laptop and got typing. I started and FINISHED my first Christmas fic for vmfic_gameon's Round 4 challenge. Okay, it was 4:22 AM when I finished, but still! Best part? It's not just DoVe. It's probably the biggest ensemble I've done despite it being 12 drabbles, but I love it. I think my fave is actually the one I wrote for Keith.

I've got a new Everest fic on the horizon apparently (it wasn't meant to be an Everest fic, but I can't seem to stop writing for it) - it's another Christmas fic to follow-up one of the Thanksgiving fics I've written. I STILL have to finish my first Thanksgiving one though so I'm hoping to stay on this roll so maybe I can get it done tonight... I hope. As long as I don't get too distracted/can ignore the pain in my shoulder I should be alright. Bonus points if Wallace-Tastic's around.

Oh and I'm really not looking forward to the Thanksgiving Heroes. I actually may skip it. I REALLY hated the ep from 2 weeks ago and I know I'm gonna hate this one too. Film cameroncrazed's The Airing of Grievences and we'll talk. Until then. Just no

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