Notes tomorrow - Halloween thingies today

Sep 28, 2009 21:38

Okay, I so need new batts for my camera - but our Spirit Store is ALREADY OPEN!! I went with Mom today. I went, I saw, I fell in love. Why do I mention the camera, you ask? Because Mom got me to try on a gangster girl hat and yeah, despite my street clothes, I STILL looked the part. What do you know? I could fit in with 1920's Chicago!! I always knew it!! I want a pic to prove it, but I can't buy it yet, so yeah.

Costumes: I'm considering the school girl outfit I wanted last year. Leaves liiiiiiiitle to the imagination, but it could work (plus I'll take nearly any excuse to show off my navel ring; a little over a year later and I'm still in love with it. Deal!). Besides, I'm single now so who cares how slutty I look? lol

I'm also considering Slutpyre again - a few of you have seen the pics, from 2 years ago. Black and dark blue corset, make-shift skirt, fishnets high and low - I love most of it, plus I already have most of what I need. Found some AWESOME vamp teeth today too. Silver!! Will I go for the spray-on hair dye? Maybe. I've always been obsessed with having a white stripe ala Rogue.

Not too many other costumes stood out for me since I never go anywhere on Halloween, so for me it's all about the pics for you guys. I know what I WANT this year, but who knows if I'll get to do it. It involves a stroll down my darkened street and more pics ;)

OH! But I did find some KICKASS ruby slippers. Hell, I'd get 'em just to show off on Twitter LOL! They only had a US size 8 in stock though so I kinda felt like an ugly step-sister when I began to bend a toe trying to wedge my foot in there (never mind the shoes I was wearing are a US size 8, but that's Bongo for you as opposed to whatever these were). Still, I can't imagine how those shoes of win would work with a black and blue costume or even a pink and white one should I go with the school girl thing... And I'm not going as slutty Dorothy - no way!

Anyone else have any ideas for me come Halloween? Slutpyre... Gangster Girl... anything that would go with the uber red glitter Mary Jane platform heels?

Edit: The shoes, you ask, Lauren?

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