Revolution's Valentine's Bingo-A-Thon

Feb 17, 2013 23:23

Fandom: nbc's Revolution
Prompt: nbc_revolution's Valentine's Bingo-A-Thon.
Rating: Hard PG-13, suggestive language, cursing, some hanky panky, possible dub-con.
Characters: Miles, Charlie, Bass, Nora, Jason, Priscilla, Julia, Maggie, Ben, Rachel and Jeremy (with Tom and Aaron).
Pairings: 9 prompts, 9 ficlets- 8 different pairings and one repeat offender. Miles/ ( Read more... )

pairing: tom/julia, character: jason neville, character: jeremy baker, character: julia neville, pairing: jason/charlie, type: fic, pairing: ben/maggie, pairing: miles/charlie (only feelings), character: nora clayton, valentine's bingo-a-thon, character: priscilla pittman, pairing: miles/bass, pairing: miles/nora, character: bass monroe, character: maggie foster, character: rachel matheson, show: revolution, character: charlie matheson, character: ben matheson, character: miles matheson, pairing: bass/rachel, pairing: aaron/priscilla

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mercscilla February 18 2013, 16:52:49 UTC
(I was literally grinning the whole way through the last one. <3)

There's no way that I can decide which one if my favourite (the last one tops them all, so it got a special place. xD) but apart from Miles/Charlie, I'm torn between Tom/Julia and Ben/Maggie. I really love them both. ♥

And the last one...
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ivy_b February 18 2013, 17:01:44 UTC
Awww *hugs Mercy ( ... )


mercscilla February 18 2013, 18:20:31 UTC
one fic with 9 chapters, a series, can I call it 'Bullets for my Valentine' without stealing your header
Yesyesyes, of course you can call it that!

I was so nervous, cause I haven't really written pairings before, so of course I wanted to write 9 different pairings
Well, now you are no longer a virgin in this area. xD I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!
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ivy_b February 18 2013, 20:39:15 UTC
I posted! On AO3 and to the community! I feel so proud of myself. *pets self*

Well, now you are no longer a virgin in this area. xD I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! We should have had a party for you with all the guys from Revolution...You've showed once more that you are a real artist with words. You have given each pairing its own world and I'm still in awe how you managed to do that.

I'll take all the guys except Aaron and have an awesome angsty party! Awww, you're gonna make me blush. Some came out better than others (Nora and Priscilla seemed to ramble quite a bit) but considering I didn't think I'd participate at all, I'm still satisfied with the end result.

I take Happy Valentine's Monroe's Day any time over these two. Sososo good and the best start for my week.

Happy Monroe day! I'm still wondering how Strausser got into the holiday spirit but I probably prefer not to know. Monroe will force everyone to eat chocolates, kiss each other and have fun like the evil dictator that he is!

They would have been such a good couple. Although ( ... )


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