Being Human: Sleep of Reason [Hal/Rook] 5/? co-written w/ shirogiku

Dec 29, 2013 18:44

Title: “Sleep of Reason”
Author: shirogiku, Shaitanah
Rating: NC-17
Timeline: post-vampire revolution
Summary: Hal Yorke took three things from Rook: his job, his integrity and his faith. To get them back, Rook gambles everything he's got left. [Hal/Rook, Hal/Cutler]
Disclaimer: Being Human belongs to Toby Whithouse and the BBC.
A/N: Never ( Read more... )

sleep of reason, being human, fanfiction, collab, slash, ch: hal yorke, shirogiku, ch: oc, tv, ch: dominic rook

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zoicite January 16 2014, 05:36:02 UTC
I feel like I'm behind on...just about everything this month and only realized this afternoon that I was a chapter behind on this fic as well! I've had a bit of bourbon so I'm not sure I'm especially articulate at the moment, but here goes:

This chapter had a nice flow to it and there was a lot of great character stuff here.

“Why are you doing this?” the boy whispered. “Why not just kill us and be done with it?”
Rook froze.I thought this moment was really well done and was excellent setup for the conversation later re: Rook wondering if his efforts were worth anything/did any good at all ( ... )


istne_pieklo January 16 2014, 09:52:46 UTC
I know the feeling. XDD
Hal summoning the Devil I'll never get tired of mocking that XDDDD
For all his talks about the greater good, Rook isn't a good person. He never really pretended he was, but we thought he should examine his work closer and realize that it wasn't such a good thing either. If anything, it helped the vampire invasion, not stopped it. Poor Rook)))
I had a bit of a UK-US mistranslation moment where I ended up very confused during the poker scene as to why Hal was acting like his pants were in the way when it came to removing his...pants. I used to have those a lot until I started watching many Brit shows and just paying way more attention to Brit English. XDDDD
I just googled and there actually are recipes out there for Shepherd's pie lasagna. Whatever he made was probably only supposed to be one of those things XDDD
Of course they happened. :) Wouldn't lose those for the world! XD
Thank you for the comment. <333 We're happy you're still enjoying the story! We're having a bit of a hiatus now due to RL circumstances, ( ... )


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