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May 10, 2010 14:17

trekreversebang posting will start on Wednesday (watch the comm!). Must finish my own art. I'm very excited, hopefully there won't be any more dropouts, though thankfully pinch-hitters are in place. *crossing fingers for everything going smoothly*

spn_j2_bigbang fics have been claimed. One gen, one femslash. Both sound really intriguing, I'm looking forward so much to reading them!
1. Some Greater Good (gen) by twicetheheart31:
Castiel is told to protect Sam Winchester. To teach him what he needs to know if he wants to kill Lilith. Dean is in Hell - and the angels want him there. So when Uriel raises his brother from the pit, Sam, along with the unlikely ally he finds in Castiel, makes a decision. He's going to save his brother from the angels, no matter what it takes.
2. Deep Breaths (femslash AU: Ellen/Mary) by apocalypsos:
AU, in which Mary's life didn't turn out quite the way she'd always hoped. Fifteen years ago Mary Campbell made a different choice when the demon offered to bring John back to life. Now she's a divorced single mother of two, she's living in the perfect idyllic small town as the town outcast, and she misses hunting more than she'll ever admit. Ellen arrives in town with mysterious motives, but in spite of her questions Mary starts to fall for her. When their kids are taken, the two band together to rescue them and discover that when Mary said no to the demon, the angels and demons pull the strings they need to get Dean and Sam, which involves bringing John back anyway and tweaking Mary's memory so she doesn't know she's hooking back up with John all over again. John dies again and Mary and Ellen escape with the kids, but it's evident that this will not be the last time their collective safety will be on the line.

*goes nuts with all the work, but in kind of a good way*

trekreversebang, bigbang

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