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Mar 07, 2010 21:30

Neil Patrick Harris was very sparkly in his sequined tux. Not quite sure what he was doing at the Oscars, but I guess Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin can't sing or dance... I adore NPH, but that was really not his best performance. Although I dare say still probably a bajillion times better than the rest of the show given the first two minutes of the hosts' banter that I could bear before I had to turn the TV off. The monologue and the red carpet pretty people were kind of all I was going to see, but I guess a glimpse of Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren will have to suffice (<-- so classy!). And even though I think the Oscars are bunk, I will still feel totally annoyed when movies I think should have won don't win :/

Trek reverse bang:
This shit is hard! zippitgood is kind of like a mistress of organization and productivity and all those things that I somehow did not consider was involved in running a challenge this complicated. Fear my foresight! That said, seeing all the great artwork is amazing.

My weekend:
I had a glockgal! I love hanging out with fangirls, and when they match my enthusiasm for delicious food, I appreciate them even more. Which is to say, come back again soooon!

80 things about you meme:
I started trying to answer the questions, but I managed to bore myself midway through it.

This post:
Does not have anything particularly important to say.

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