I'm baaack!

Nov 11, 2009 14:35

After partying with wild abandon over two continents (translation: attending a traditional wedding in India, visiting relatives, and walking around in London like a good little tourist), I am back to wreak more havoc in America (translation: sit at my computer and draw). Did you miss me?

My artistic contribution to the wedding decor/gifts consisted of a somewhat conceptually fitting Ganesh done in lentils

And here's one picture of the bride's hands, because mehndi+jewelry=

It was loads of fun, but the only drawback to attending a wedding where the groom happens to be your cousin and just 8 months older than you, is the rather frequent repeat of the question "so...when are you planning on getting married?". Apparently "No idea!" and "Not any time soon!" are not totally satisfactory answers. Who knew? XD

I have so many fannish things to catch up on, art-wise, tv watching-wise and challenge wise. Reverse bigbang challenge needs to be thought through and posted about, need to finish actual bigbang art and yuletart art and catch up on a few gazillion stories and pictures. Any recs? Please feel free to self-rec too.

And signing off on a completely different note, today is the day Soldiers' Angels Valour-IT fundraiser ends. What better day to donate to wounded warriors than on Veterans' Day?


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