Yuletide Letter 2016

Oct 04, 2016 16:00

My dear mysterious Yuletide writer,

Whoa, it‘s Yuletide time again. I think this is my ninth time participating and it never stops being exciting. I hope you‘re excited as well, dear writer. I know I‘ll be up on Christmas Day morning to read my gift fic and it has become a favorite holiday tradition of mine. All I wish, is that you feel inspired by my prompts and have fun writing for me.

Fandom: Sagnet om Lysets rike | The Legend of the Realm of Light - Margit Sandemo
Characters: Dolg, Marco, Indra and Móri
Prompt: What if Dolg and Marco were in a relationship (like Henrich Reuss probably fantasized about) but they were still pretty asexual as they were represented in the books for the most part? That‘s something that‘s really interesting to me. I want the reactions of the other characters to a relationship like that and (because they are my favorites) that Indra and Móri are the first ones who get what it’s about first. Alternatively I‘d love Móri‘s point of view on some of the happenings in the series.

So it was repeated again and again in the books that Dolg and Marco weren‘t made for earthly love or whatever it was called. And then Marco drinks the clear water and BOOM, suddenly that has changed. Yeah, I wasn‘t impressed. So my prompt is a bit of a fix-it. When you‘ve got an author like Margit Sandemo who retcons her retcons, you‘re allowed to ask for a fix-it. Plus I just think Marco and Dolg deserved a better ending to their narrative than they got. And also I want to see asexuality explored with people who are in a relationship. Dolg does have an idea about his own sensuality even though he never desires anyone. While Marco and Dolg can be read as aromantic as well, I‘m not as keen on that aspect to be explored.
As for the alternative prompt, I‘ve always felt for my Móri who was born in 17th century Iceland and then woke up in the late 20th century, just to be transported into some crazy sci-fi world where he would end up going on a spaceship. I want his honest thoughts on this shit. ;)

Fandom: Mánasteinn: drengurinn sem var aldrei til | Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was - Sjón
Characters: Máni Steinn, Sólborg Guðbjörnsdóttir
Prompt: So how does Sóla B actually know Máni Steinn? She was clearly looking for him at the beginning of the book so how does she know him and does she know what he was doing? I‘m very interested in something about that. Alternatively, I‘d love something about Máni Steinn‘s life in the UK.

So I‘ve been waiting patiently for a couple of Yuletides to nominate and request this fandom. I was waiting for the English translation to be published, you see, so there would be a slightly bigger chance that someone would have heard of this book and perhaps read it. I did pimp it and it isn‘t very long, takes about an hour to read, probably less if you‘re a super-quick reader. And yeah, I think it‘s amazing piece of literature with layers upon layers one can think about long after you‘ve read the book. So in fact, I‘d be interested in any sort of fanfiction inspired by this book. ‘Cause it’s chockful of references, allegories, you name it. I just want people to read this book and be inspired and make me happy for Yuletide. Okay?

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF
Characters: Shoma Uno, Yuzuru Hanyu, Javier Ferández, Miki Ando
Prompt: Yuzuru seems to behave a bit like a big brother towards Shoma. So it would be cool if Yuzuru is like an awkward older brother while Shoma is more outgoing and spunky younger brother. And I’d be very interested to see that explored in a fic along with Yuzuru’s and Javier’s best friends relationship, along with Miki, and her being a connection to older generations of figure skaters. Alternatively, I’m up for a fun AU with these four (and any other skater you’d like to add). It could be a Royal AU, a high school AU, whatever you can think of.

So these prompts are kind of vague, I know, but I do hope they’re inspiring at least. I’m really interested in the RL dynamics between skaters and I’m really fond of Yuzuru’s and Javier’s friendship. And I love Shoma and I see a lot of his idol, Daisuke Takahashi, in him. I haven’t watched a whole lot of interviews with Shoma but something tells me he can be outgoing. And I kind of want to see all this mix. I put Miki there because while she’s still a young woman, she has years of experience and knows a lot of skaters. So yeah, I want a story with a happy mix of skaters. If you want to keep it shippy, go ahead, but please be respectful of any RL relationships.

As for my general likes and dislikes, mysterious writer, it may come as a surprise to you, given my requests that I tend to like the romantic sort of fiction, whether it’s fan fiction or something more pro (am currently on a historical romance binge). But I do appreciate things that aren’t so focus on romance as well. What I like, is when something is written by someone who likes to write. Also dialogue, communication, feelings and emotions. ALL THE FEELS.

Sorry, that was super-vague. I’m being super-vague in this whole thing. So maybe I should talk about my dislikes. I’m particular about dark fics. I read them but I need to have a full control when I do that and don’t like it in my gift fic. I can take a bit of angst but go very easy on death and destruction and stuff like that.

I’m old as balls and still talk about squicks. I’m not necessarily expecting anything super-racy this time around but should the smuttier sort of inspiration hit you, mysterious writer, please refrain from writing me anything involving blood play. And go easy on the hard sort of kinks, I can read most of them, but I like to have some control there.

Above all, dear mysterious writer, I want you to have a great Yuletide experience and write something you feel inspired to write. Should you be interested in finding more about my likes and loves, you can check out my tumblr and also check in with sarka.

Yours etc.


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