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Dec 15, 2012 16:10

Hello and welcome to the Genevieve/Ruby 2 Teensy Bang, a fic/art challenge for fans of Gen and the character(s) she's played on Supernatural!

Info on the major deadlines TBA.

1. Teensy Bang? What the heck's a teensy bang?

This is a teensy bang - a teensier version of the bangs we all know and love, in honor of Gen's, well, teensiness.

Writers must produce at least 5,000 words of Genevieve- or Ruby 2-centric fanfic. Artists will choose a fic based on its summary and then create one piece of art for that story.

2. Can I participate as an artist and writer?

No. You must sign-up as one or the other, though writers can sign-up as pinch-hitters after the initial artist sign-up. As of the 2015 Teensy Bang you may participate as both a writer and an artist.

3. Can I write more than one fic?

Over your lifetime? Sure! For a single round of this challenge? Nope. If you make 18,000 sock accounts using 18,000 email addresses, we probably won't be able to catch you. But it's not a good idea, since it would make posting dates stretch into 2020. Please don't hurt us like that.

4. Can I write with a co-author?

Yes, but you won't be allowed to post one fic with a co-author and one that's only under your own name.

5. Are there any pairing restrictions?

Gen and/or Ruby 2 must form part of the main pairing. Gen, het and femslash are welcome. Slash is fine in background pairings (you are allowed to have background pairings, as long as Gen/someone or Ruby 2/someone forms the main pairing) or if you genderbend Gen/Ruby 2.

Threesome and moresomes are welcome, so long as Gen/Ruby 2 forms a vital part of the relationship. If it's really a J2 romance with tangential J2/Gen, its not really Gen-centric, now is it?

6. In RPF, can I use non-SPNRPF or non-CWRPF actors?

The mods don't give a thwickspizzle, so long as the story is Gen-centric.

7. Can I write French Mistake Gen?

Yes! The mods encourage that little black dress.

8. What about Ruby 1.0?

Ruby 1.0 can appear in your fic, as long as the fic focuses on Ruby in her 2.0 incarnation. If you're not sure where you fic falls, feel free to email or PM us to discuss it.

9. What can't I do?

The mods kindly request that you do not feature any real life underage persons in your story, including Gen's sons.

10. That's it?

We will not accept stories with underage sex. The kink comms accept het; you can post it there. Romances between, say, two high schoolers of the same age will be accepted, as long as they're 16 or older, but we suggest you know the laws of your particular region. Please do not post anything that could jeopardize this comm or its participants.

11. Can I go over the word limit?

Yes. You are free to write 100k of Genevieve the brave wereflyingsquirrel protecting the forest with the help of wereraccoon Misha, wereunicorn Jared and Transformer!Adrianne, so long as you have a completed draft that meets our minimum word requirement by the due date (details forthcoming).

12. Can I post a WIP?

No. Stories must be complete.

13. Can I post a WIP that I've already started posting elsewhere?


14. Can I post a sequel to another story?

Sure, as long as it's a finished standalone with a beginning, middle and end, and it meets the rest of our requirements.

15. Can I write an AU or crossover?

Yes to both.

16. Can I mix someone else's fic?


17. Can I copy-and-paste all of Pride & Prejudice and find-and-replace for Gen as Lizzy and Adrianne as Mr. Darcy and Jared as Lydia?

Although Pride & Prejudice is in the public domain, we will not permit this. And we mods will take plagiarism very seriously; if we see Ruby speaking every word of Ariel's dialogue from The Little Mermaid, we will remove your post.

18. Can I submit my finished draft early?

Absolutely! In fact, the mods will appreciate this.

19. What does 'finished draft' mean?

The fic can be a complete mess, so long as it's 5,000 words or more and has an ending. You will be able to polish it up before your posting date.

20. What if I am too cool to submit a finished draft in the 24-hour posting window for draft submission?

Then you will be dropped from the challenge! Sorry!

21. Do I need a beta?

GET A BETA. Just asking the question drove us to capslock, so you can see it's serious.

22. Can I post before my posting date?

Stop asking stupid questions. And no.

23. What if I would like to post under flock?

All art and fic posts must be open to the public when you post to this comm. If they're not, you can't post.

24. Can I create more than one piece of art?

Certainly! But only one's required, and we ask that it not be invisible.

25. Can I claim all of the stories?

In a word, no. But you may have the opportunity to claim more than one! You can claim one fic in the initial claiming round. If there are lonely fics floating around without an artist, the mods will allow artists to claim additional stories. After all the fics are claimed, we will allow artists to sign up as pinch-hitters. More details on this sort of thing will be forthcoming.

26. Are manips allowed?

Manips, hand-drawn art, digital art, photo-collage, artsy photographs of the wereflyingsquirrel!Gen sculpture you made, vids and paper art are all acceptable forms of art entry.

The mods will not accept performance art, not even if you destroy all the evidence that it ever happened.

27. What about pretty, pretty music?

Artists and authors can make mixes/soundtracks if they're so inclined, but it cannot be posted before the fic is, and the cover art cannot be the artist's only contribution.

28. What does my art draft need to look like?

It just needs to look finished enough that we know you'll have a piece ready by your posting date. You can still polish/fiddle with the art.

29. Can I post huge pieces of art that will cause even the highest-speed of Internet connections to self-implode, bahahaha!

On your journal, sure! But the art posted with the comm masterpost must be 400x400 or smaller.

30. Can I make sexy, sexy art?

The art posted to this comm must be SFW, but you can post explicit art on your journals. Please make sure your author is okay with explicit art beforehand.

31. What if I can't finish in time?

If you can't make your draft or posting date, let the mods know ASAP, so we can assign a pinch-hitter to your former partner-in-crime.

If you have any additional questions, comment here or ping the mods at genteensybang@yahoo.com.

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