2015 Teensy Bang Artist Claim Reveals!

Mar 15, 2015 19:56

The Pirate!Gen ready to make her claim is from sagetan; please leave feedback in the comments!

Here are the reveals for the 2015 Genevieve/Ruby 2 Teensy Bang!

Posting begins Monday, April 27th and will run through Wednesday, April 29th. If there is a time within those dates when you or your artist will not be available to post, please comment here, PM, or email the mods at genteensybang[at]yahoo[dot]com to let us know (since we're such a tiny bang, if you have conflicts Mon-Wed, we can also extend it through Friday, May 1st if posting on Thursday or Friday would be more convenient).

How awesome do these stories look? We're super excited for you to get to read them all and to see what our amazing artists come up with, and we hope you are, too!

The Genevieve/Ruby 2.0 Teensy Bang

Ruby Fic!

FPF #1: Claimed by cassiopeia7
Title: The End of the "Ingenue"
Author: jennytork
Pairing (if any): None
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, sci-fi, future-fic
Word Count (approximate): 5,800
Contents (warnings and kinks both apply): AU, deliberately wrong details -- all is explained
Summary: She had always been loyal, even helped them take over the "Ingenue". But when Sam Winchester blows aboard due to a shuttle crash, Ruby finds more than the boy with D'monae blood who was prophesied to house their king Lucifer. She finds a listening ear and sanity among chaos, till a shattering confrontation shows her things are not as she's been taught.
What things might be cool to draw?: Sam and Dean as they appear in season 1. Season 5 Samifer (in a white tunic) and season one JDM as Michael. Sam holding the Colt on Lilith with Ruby by his side. Sam comforting Ruby on the medical bed. Sam and Dean hugging while Ruby looks on in shock. The takeover of the "Ingenue" -- Katie-Ruby stabbing Gen-doctor and taking over her body.

Genevieve Fic!
RPF #1: Claimed by quickreaver
Title: Always Have Paris
Author: brutti_ma_buoni
Pairing (if any): Jared/Gen
Rating: NC17
Genre: historical AU
Word Count (approximate): 6,700
Contents (warnings and kinks both apply): bohemian setting, references to other partners and to alternative lifestyles, actual body hair before waxing; interwar setting with references to anti-semitism and to the early rise of Nazism in Germany
Summary: Jared's a raw youth when he first visits Paris. He is drawn into the ambit of Genevieve and her bohemian Parisian world, enchanted by her for a summer. But he has to move on, and Gen won't. As years pass, events push their lives together once more. But is what they once had still there? And can they keep it, as life and the world changes for them both?
What things might be cool to draw?: scenes of 1920s Parisian nightlife, bars, artists, drinks and decadence; also exchange of letters/messages; recapturing intimacy in a small interior. Some sex scenes, not all that explicit, but plenty you could draw if you opt to.

RPF #2: Claimed by chomaisky
Title: Beautiful Neighbourhood
Author: amberdreams
Pairing (if any): Genevieve/Jared
Rating: R
Genre: RPF AU romance
Word Count (approximate): 9,800
Contents (warnings and kinks both apply): There be no sex here, folks.
Summary: Set in Dark Angel verse, Genevieve is an ordinary human while Jared and Jensen are transgenics who were created in test tubes by Manticore. Due to bad experiences after he found his way to Seattle, Jared refuses to leave the apartment he shares with Jensen. He firmly believes he’s a freak, not matter what Jensen tells him. But then Gen moves into the apartment above theirs, and starts chipping away at his defences when they start talking through closed doors and via dumb waiter. After a few days, Jared decides to ask Jensen to pretend to be him, so he can woo Genevieve by proxy. It is, of course, a stupid idea.
What things might be cool to draw?: Jensen is a transvestite dancer with cat DNA, Jared is a writer with too much tiger in his DNA, so his eyes are gold/amber and his skin pigmentation looks stripy when he gets agitated. Their apartment block has great views of Post Pulse Seattle, which is a pretty post apocalyptic place - no prior knowledge of Dark Angel is required though. There are a few minor characters who live in the apartment block that make brief appearances - a guy who thinks he’s Captain America, the Rev Misha Collins who runs a soup kitchen and might be a serial killer on the side, a woman who has an indeterminate number of children who lives in the basement… Genevieve is herself - she’s a journalist who is handy at building furniture.

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