Supernatural Episode 7 - Caged Heat

Dec 05, 2010 19:45

I didn’t write a review for last week’s episode, because, well I didn’t really care. It was an ok episode, a few good lines, but nothing to spark a reaction one way or another. This week’s so different.

I was starting to get back into Supernatural because of the story lines. They gave me something more to think about than the annoyance of the whole Sam doesn’t have a soul story line. I won’t get into detail about how much I hate that story line. It is hard to feel attached to a character that does everything to alienate themselves from you. It’s only aggravated my annoyance at whiney spoiled Sam. And in turning Dean into a wuss as a reaction to Sam being soulless, it only added to my annoyance. Sam gets his soul back or not, I don’t care. Dean actually grows a pair of balls and acts like a hunter, or not, I don’t care.

I was, however, starting to care about the storylines about the alphas, and purgatory, and the angelic civil war. I thought we’d get deeper stories about that. It seems I thought wrong.

They killed off Crowley which really bugged me on one level because I always liked him. He was smug and sarcastic and a bit ambiguous. He wasn’t a good guy, but he’d do what was needed to get his end goal, and if that included working with the good guys then so be it. Now that said, I loved Cas’ badarsed burning of his bones, the no hesitation, the steel in it. But with Crowley dead, that basically kills the alpha/purgatory story line. Well at least the purgatory line now I think about it, there’s still the fact that the alphas are building up their forces, so maybe there’s something going on with the alphas that will still be a part of it.

There were good parts in this episode sure. I loved Sam using the Raider’s storyline, I loved badarsed Cas, I even liked Meg. But there was no storyline, there was no real plot. It was more about Sam’s soul and whether to get it back or not. Guess what? I don’t care. The fact Sam doesn’t care makes sense to me, he’s got no soul so no emotional spiritual connection to the world, to himself or others. A soulless person wouldn’t give a damn about having a soul. What is really pissing me off now is how Dean just acts like a wimpy doormat, I keep wanting to scream, grow some damn balls dude.

But its not like Dean can’t be that man, he was with Samuel. I loved Dean with Samuel, that was the Dean I remembered and want back. Mary’s soul should have been in hell for over thirty years, and with one month being the same as 10 years, as it was for Dean, that’s around 3600 years of being tortured and twisted. If Mary comes back at all, she’s going to come back a demon. Of course that is unless Supernatural ignore their own canon about making deals with demons gets you sent to hell, and have Mary away in heaven dancing in flower covered meadows or some such shit. If Samuel is this great and skilled hunter they made him out to be, then he should know what happens to people that make deals with demons, should know not to trust one, nor to think Mary got off scott free for hers. Again, I will say I don’t watch supernatural because of their indepth research into mythology, or even their loyalty to their own canon, but sometimes it does get grating.

I used to care about the brothers. The connection between them, and the one I felt when watching them was what made the show worth getting addicted to. Now it is the hope of good storylines, because without something else, without something outside of the brothers to get my attention, then I drift off, there is nothing there to keep my interest. The Supernatural people have killed what made the show great.... again

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