perhaps the whole point of this experiment is HAIR!

Sep 19, 2015 22:07


as i've bemoaned 8224 times, i have this overwhelming and excruciating guilt over unfinished memes. so. i have spring-cleaned this journal, and have organised all the unfilled discussion prompts into categories. they are as follows:
  • wrong!ship awareness meme slots
  • blogging about fictional characters
  • television reviews
  • random shit
under this last category: hair, the subject of this post.

background: ten billion years ago eowyn_315 requested a picspam of Nina Dobrev's hair. however, rather than limit my hair appreciation i've decided to make like Laura herself and pay respects to hair from various fandoms. with photoshop.

if y'all think you're ready for that action then follow the cut.

but first --

  • the female cast of Game of Thrones #when good hair happens to bad shows
  • Reign's hair accessories
  • all of the female Upper East side plastics on Gossip Girl
  • Buffy Summers circa season five
  • Inara Serra's glossy black tresses (most similar in colour to yours truly!!!!)
  • basically every period show in my intro post

and now the top five, in alphabetical order because i have not the strength to count down


i actually can't stare directly at these pictures... my cat edited this for me.


NATURAL CURLS, MOTHERFUCKER!!1!1!1!!!!!!! fight me.


(note: in putting together the above caps i was reminded in full force the dismal quality of this television program's lighting. R.I.H.)

i haven't gone here in 79 billion years and yet, in the name of this post, i was compelled to revisit homeofthenutty's gallery and compile this scant tribute to some of the greatest hair of our time.

hilarious story: Laura actually chose the other doppelganger over the above, with the rationalisation that "Elena's poker-straight hair is just as unattainably gorgeous as her Katherine curls." to that i say:

image Click to view


it was a herculean effort to choose between Margaery and Sansa and queen C, but the Dormer thirst destroys all in its path. :| :| :| :| :| :| :|

:| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|


y'all were expecting Blair. don't mistake me, my heart says Blair, but... my eyeballs... say otherwise. yes, even with my apathy towards Blake Lively's face. no one is more dismayed than i. i feel unclean in my soul. i will pay for this sin, some moment when i least expect it.

TL;DR 👌 @:
  • natural curls
  • if not that, then well-tamed unnatural curls. each time i use a curling iron i feel a dread that can only befit the rebirth of voldemort. (if anyone has any curling hacks hmu.)
  • elaborate 'dos designed for less homicidal people. see: Lucrezia's twisty braid hairnet bun contraption.
  • non-beige middle parts
  • the "completely implausible yet charmingly unkempt" look. see: Serena's veritable MANE. *crosses self*

here endeth the spam. COMMENTS? QUESTIONS? VITRIOLIC DISPUTES? spam your faves that i ignored. peace 'n' blessings.

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