To my English-speaking readers, all 3 of you: Public-Service Announcement

Jan 01, 2017 18:08

As I have discovered in the last days of 2016, the English-speaking segment of LJ lives in total ignorance of the recent events; they don't know because they couldn't - the administration didn't deem important to inform them of this news:
The servers of LiveJournal have been moved to Moscow.

What it means to a typical user in English-speaking segmnent? That his IP, his private information, his other connected blogs, social network accounts and of course, his views and opinions are now open to Lubyanka and Russian intelligence services.
To Russian-speakers who have a misfortune of living in Russia that means they can now be persecuted in courts according to several new laws on the books for their opinions in their LJ (and many have received prison sentences already); a long list of Russian journals have been deleted and not by their authors, and nobody knows what other ominous consequences.

What followed was mass exodus of Russian-and Ukrainian-speaking LJ-users from the platform and importing the contents of their journals to Dreamwidth.
Admins of DW are ecstatic; their platform base swelled in a matter of days, gaining 25%, or over 100,000 individual users. Diplomatically, they don't mention the reason for sudden popularity in their welcome post - but commenter in the thread explains to all who wants to know:
I apologize for my English.
The influx of people from these two countries stems from the fact that LJ is completely moved to Moscow. Before that their privacy and rights were protected by the First amendment and California law. Now, the major KGB, makes a request and gets all the data about the author or commentator could easily ban/restrict access to the user's page. People register [on] in the hope to remain anonymous.I assume that some of the new pages will remain dead.

As you know I don't blog @ LJ account since 2008; till now I was content with precaution of mirroring my LJ archive to Dreamwidth platform (same-name journal there). But now I'm wrapping up my business in LJ altogether: gathering my Friends band and transferring it to DW (to "Reading page", in DW parlance); disabling comments in old LJ posts, etc. I will probably still comment on those of old familiars' LJ blogs that didn't move out, but from OpenID moniker, at least while its use is permitted by new masters of LJ Universe.

A forewarned is forearmed.
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