A [short] reversal of my decision

Feb 16, 2008 13:31

Have to interrupt my silence, this is too irritating to pass.

A loud noise had disturbed my peaceful Saturday breakfast at 10am. There were shouts and drumbeat on the street, half-a-block away. From my window I could only see a parked patrol car, so I grabbed my camera and went outside to find out.

I have written about this subject before, here. Apparently, the story continues, see this Brooklyn Paper article.

I went outside, took my few shots at the Big Crowd Of Enraged Citizens (of about 15-20, as you can see).

Then went across the street, to take a picture of that townhouse the article described - the owner of which is concerned about its structural integrity after the demo will start. Understandably, I must say.
There was a woman coming from that house' steps, handing me a paper and asking if I knew what's up. I mistakenly thought she lives in that house and politely took the paper. Then she started spewing dirt about the developer who is buying the parcel. "He's a known slam-lord", she said. "He's going to build CONDO instead of this pretty church! He's employing same architect for condos as one for new church! Same one he's using for his slams! Did you hear about it?" Yes I did,- I said - as is the architect's and developer's right to form a collaboration on all projects. I also heard the developer and the church authorities are planning to build a new church building - green one, btw. And I mean - environmentally "green", not preserving this green plague of a building".

She screamed. She recognized the class enemy they all were waiting for, so long, in the cold! She pointed finger at me and yelled "you are the plague!" Then ran to her buddies in ecstasy of found purpose. I turned and started for home. When I saw her waving her hands in rapture, in communication with other demonstrants, and pointing at me, I went to the group (the listeners immediately dissolved) and said: You insulted me personally. You have a dirty mouth." She denied she ever said what I heard, not a minute before. Of course. The police car was right there, why risk it?
I wanted to stop at police car to ask them for how long my peace will be disturbed by these clowns (there was a woman with megaphone, shouting "Bay Ridge, wake up! We will wake you! We are not going anywhere!" Indeed.)

Instead, on my way there, I was stopped by a girl with a stationary camera who was filming the scene. She said she's from Channel 12 and asked me if I wouldn't mind to be interviewed on camera. As I was unpresentable (remember, I jumped out of a house in practically my pajamas when my breakfast was so rudely interrupted), I declined. We continued talking while I was waiting for the light to change - why, she asked, am I for demolition? "By all the reasons voiced by Brooklyn Paper's correspondent
Matthew Lysiak", I said. "I would add that this building has no architectural value, unlike the beautifully proportional Deco Lutheran Church across the street. Not all old buildings are worth preserving. This one isn't."
The screaming fur-wearing pinkie saw me talking to a reporter and couldn't pass the chance; she flew to us immediately. "Are you a resident of this neighborhood? Do you respect our values? Our landmarks?" I could respond that the building is not considered a landmark by an authoritative commission (made up of liberals, too. That might tell you how even they can't see anything of value in this green monster), but I just didn't want to hear her screeching voice anymore. And left, forgetting my intention to go to the cops. The shouts behind my window continued until 11:45am

My Saturday is ruined, damn it!
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