I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine

Oct 05, 2010 21:38

ok like im just updating cuz my lj life is suffering, im always behind cuz of school im up to about 400 entries behind i think so sorry to my flist when i take so long to reply on entries or comments i truly am hating this :( u guys still want me to comment even if its a week or 2 later right.. im gonan do it regardless...
I am gonna continue with the couples meme i just have no time at the moment to post a pic spam with it i just like that doing that for some reason ill update with it soon i flail in everything.
Might as well add a meme to this entry cuz i dont like leaving just written posts for some reason cuz i think im boring cuz i am. ok i can't even remember where i stole this meme from wow i have like 10 memes saved to do lol
i'm seeing paramore next week wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and omg vampire diaries has been so epic every week i think its my new fav show and so many new otps, caroline/stefan, stefan/katherine and damon and elena like 10 x more, god i love every single qoute that comes out of damon's mouth. Merlin has been just as epic my other fav show gone well im up to ep 3 of merlin now but all the morgana stuff lately sghsjak and morgana/arthur and morgana/merlin has been epic but whats even more epic is merlin and arthur i see the slash so much more this season, loved that wisdom and desitny qoute gone very touching.      
and omg im loving glee season 2 last 2 eps have pwned so far cant belive how much i like finn and rachel right now its weird, toxic performance with Will was freakin epic, haven't really caught up wtih GG yet but the first ep wasnt that great but ive been spoiling the blair chuck scenes ♥ i love how chuck said their having a war just them too im so excited wheeeeeeee and i love that katie cassidy is on it now hehe so pissed i cant catch up on tumblr either :( man my life is unintresting :(

last cigarette / 1 yr ago
last alcoholic drink / 19th September, Champagne
last car ride / 2 days ago
last kiss / from my mum on one day in the past, weirdly about an hr ago mum just came up and hugged me and said 'i'm proud of you' ..............
last good cry / last saturday
last book bought / Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices) by Cassandra Clare
last book read / Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
last movie seen / Easy A
last beverage drank / water
last food consumed / i dont want to share that cuz i had healthy food for once and i always eat unhealthy food and i don't want to taint my lj with healthiness.
last crush / i think alex pettyfer now after seeing that I Am Four trailer agsjka, i keep getting extremely jealous of dianna and him pics together they look really cute together, i ship it but that should be me.
last phone call / telemarketer...
last tv show watched / it was merlin 302 i think and im in love with uther.... that shoulda been my crush gone
last shoes worn / sneakers
last song played / bring night- sia
last thing bought / Ipod Touch which i still haven't put my itunes on or like set up lol i really want to i just haven't found anytime to at all lol
last download / 10 years - the wicked ones
last soda drank / blood orange schweppes, iz a vampire
last thing written / my assignment this morning which was due today gone, i finished just in time lol
last words spoken / no
last ice cream eaten / don't remember cuz its been too cold for one
last webpage visited / http://www.fanforum.com/f244/ waiting for rosie to come on she hates me

nothingness, i'm epic, whoa, meme

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