Mar 21, 2011 23:57

Brendon and Spencer are so adorable (and hot) together. They had a baby together. It's their album and they proud of it! Spencer is a tickler! They learnt not to doubt themselves together! There's hilariousness at the end because Brendon keeps messing up their introductions ♥

*wiggles with happiness*

I love you for bringing this to my attention disarm-d. ( Read more... )


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sceaterian March 23 2011, 01:31:25 UTC

Although, I hate Let's Kill Tonight. :/

Wow, the way Spencer is looking at Brendon when he's talking about learning to not doubt themselves, that's bro love.


ecarnation March 23 2011, 02:33:38 UTC
Aww, it's not one of my favorites (My heart are belong to the b-sides) but I think we all have songs like that. Whenever I listen to an album I usually only like a few songs. Very few bands, like panic!, put out albums where I like all or most of the songs enough to listen to them more than once.

They totally love each other and that's great to see. Just seeing them talk about, yeah, not doubting themselves and growing, the affection between them. It's beautiful. I hope more guys feel comfortable having close friendships with mutual adoration like that. It makes me so happy seeing that they've mostly gotten over those rough spots and are excited to be out there showing off their new music.
/the comment that turned into a post


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