TVD 4x22: Lolz From the Other Side

May 11, 2013 07:02

So I've just watched the episode, I'm super late to the party, and I'm too tired to be intelligent. This was a pretty good episode. Well put together, occasionally suspenseful, consistently entertaining. A few of my impressions will have to wait to see how next week plays out, but generally, this was a good ep ( Read more... )

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lynnenne May 11 2013, 15:15:32 UTC
Ahahahahahahaha, this post is loltastic.

I actually really enjoy Silas as a villain, because he is fucking with my head like whoa. The fact that he can get into everyone's heads makes me not trust pretty much anything.

It has been pretty cool, hasn't it? I am hoping he'll be back next season. Also, evil!Alaric will never not be fun.

I really do not want human!Damon. I like my psycho killer qu'est ce que c'est.


dante_kent May 15 2013, 01:40:14 UTC
Ha, thanks. I will endeavor to be more serious come the finale, but I just had too many lolz this week.

Hmm, I didn't even think Silas coming back was a possibility. I do so enjoy him, but I'm wary that the Klaus effect could happen if he stayed - basically, the storyline would run out and the villain would become less and less scary until he's the struggling artist father of a werebaby. At what point does Silas get a love interest?

I don't particularly want human!Damon either, but I've expected it long enough to resign myself to the eventuality. But perhaps I'm wrong.

I like my psycho killer qu'est ce que c'est.

Lol, bless. And same.


ever_neutral May 12 2013, 09:57:41 UTC
Praise your LOLZ.

Also, this might just be my own issue, but is anyone else tired of Stefan either being responsible or at least present every single damn time Elena needs 'saving?'
lol smh. I’m also irritated by Elena having to basically bow down to his ~wise teachings~ by the end. I mean, it doesn’t hugely ~offend me (I don’t think this was anything like Stefan’s past manipulations of her, nor do I think it was setup for any romantic reunion), but you just know that it’s gonna go to Stefan’s head and that he is going to continue casting himself as a ~~~Yoda to us all~~~ and, like, I can’t. LMAO.

~LOL x ONE BILLION at the center of the expression triangle being in MYSTIC FALLS FUCKING HIGH. I'm surprised the exact point wasn't in the gym, tbh.
omg bless I was waiting for your recap because I KNEW YOU WOULD FEEL ME ON THIS ONE. FOR SRS LOLWTF.

At this point, I am just waiting for Damon to be accidentally cured. This is something that's going to happen.I’m ready for it, tbh. I just. It’s happening. Just quit the suspense and let’s ( ... )


dante_kent May 15 2013, 01:43:47 UTC
Praise your patience for my lolz, bro.

Lol, Yoda Stefan. If ever there were a dude less capable of being an effective mentor, it would be Stefan. So WHY does the show keep bowing to the Alter of Stefan, Un-Life Coach? (P.S. my original expression was far more crass, but I decided to clean it up for posterity. The internet is forever, you know.)

omg bless I was waiting for your recap because I KNEW YOU WOULD FEEL ME ON THIS ONE. FOR SRS LOLWTF.

RIGHT? Seriously, no one even raised an eyebrow at this?

You're ready for human!Damon? I thought you'd fight it. I've long since resigned myself to it and can see some potential to the arc...but I would totally want him to get revamped after a bit. Call me crazy, but I'm in this show for the vampires.


wheatear May 12 2013, 19:40:45 UTC
Why is Kol even.

Kol is the best, true facts.

I am just waiting for Damon to be accidentally cured.

Damon is my prediction too. He'll deal with it oh-so-well.


dante_kent May 15 2013, 01:46:22 UTC
Oh, I enjoy Kol too, never you fear. I am just continually amused by his existence.

I can see the storyline potential of human Damon, even if my first reaction to the thought was horror. I've figured Damon would get human-ified for so long now that I'm ready for it, but I wonder if we're all wrong and the real choice will come out of nowhere. Still. I am ready for all eventualities! All I want is for the cure business to be resolved so we can move on with our lives.


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