The Atobe-Loving Post

Mar 30, 2006 21:04

On the subject of Genius 305, for some reason, I still do have hope that last minute, Konomi pulls a complete three-sixty and NOT go on with it. Or just have Ryoma change his mind or something. I don't know why, I guess you could just call it fangirl intuition.

*gets back to being HAPPY about Hyoteimyu*

I'll get it in about a month and at such a cheap price! ^__^ ALSO! I've seen the computer I want and will be getting it next week, after coming back from my three day (non) holiday  from work ^___^ It has a DVD-RW, a... lot of RAM and some very advanced gadgets and a free table, webcam and printer! =D *happy* Now I will be able to download all the Myu's and enjoy it crazily and hope that someone will post DL3 soon! ♥ Atobe and Tezuka almost kiss! (so says 
hinoai the goddess~♥) I SO WANT TO SEE THAT! Not only is it Atobe and Tezuka, it's Kazuki and Shirota!! ~♥ It's so sad that Shirota is leaving though ;; I hope Kazuki stays on for a long time to come.

It's still such a darn shame that he isn't in the live action movie, and the producers had Atobe do Wakato's move and morph into Dabide ;; And the uniforms! Why, oh why?!

Ps- Kazuki and Shirota~♥ I need to make a wallpaper of them for my phone. Right now I have four of Mana from Malice Mizer which I discovered while looking though Gackt's profile. *__* So beautiful. There should be a law against Japanese men being so darn gorgeous!

The reason I was looking up Gackt was actually because of this post~♥ OMG! Gackt as real life Atobe (other than Kazuki as Atobe because Kazuki IS Atobe! There's no two ways about it! *__* *want DL3) That's so awesome! Those ebil Japanese men and their uber hotness making us look to dull and mundane ;.;

Pss- Kazuki and Shirota.

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