I’m sick from…”Infinitism?”

Sep 30, 2011 23:14

Dictionary: Infinitism - The word comes from kpop-ish language. It’s mostly used to describe a mental disorder,which includes singing along to an Infinite song ALL the time, randomly burst into dancing to “Come Back Again” in the middle of the street, as well as a craving to own at least one of the Infinite members. In most cases, the patients don’t even realize their sickness. The Inspirits (which is the other name for those who are sick with Infinitism) are incredibly nice and never start fights, but they can be agressive when the group is bashed and hated on.

This disease has 8th phases that every Inspirit goes through. Every single one of the phases leads to a strong connection and even obsession over the Infinite members.

Phase One: OSD (Obsessive Sunggyu Disorder) - Symptoms: It mostly includes hysterical screams and spazzing over the leader’s voice and belief, that he is the most perfect father on this planet that was EVER born.

Second Phase: DMD (Dongwoo-Maniac Disorder) - Symptoms: The patient believes that Dongwoo is one of the last rare species of Human Dinos on this Earth and that his innermost wish is to be in WGM with Hoya.

Third Phase: NIM (Namstar Idol Mania) - Symptoms: The patient believes that Woohyun is created to conquer the world with his perfect appearance and his deep voice. In a lot of the cases, the Inspirit can stay in the same pose for hours, while listening to his songs and also-compare every boy’s body to Namstar’s.

Phase Four: LHD (Lee Howon Deprived) - Symptoms : The eyes of the Inspirit are always glued to Hoya on stage, despite who is dancing at the moment.In this phase, it’s not rare for the patient to scream above his/hers normal voice ability when the rapper goes on stage. The patient also believes that Hoya is the one and only sex god.

Phase Five: SFF (Sungyeol Faithfull Follower) - Symptoms: It includes copying every single prank that Sungyeol pulls off and bursting into random “We no speak Americano”dance. It often is followed by an abnormal LOL-ing to everything the boy says, even if the patient didn’t really understand what it was.

Sixth Phase: MAD (Myungsoo-Addicted Depression) - Symptoms: The Inspirit is able to stare at his perfect face for hours, to scream and replay every single moment, in which he smiled or tried doing fan service. The patient is absolutely sure that Myungsoo is the most perfect thing created on this planet and is amazed that no one has gone blind from staring too much at his perfection. This phase often leads to a depression that ideal guys like him are almost nowhere to be found.

Phase Seven: EMI (Evil Maknae Illness) - Symptoms: The patient is sure that all teddy bears on this planet are made to be kicked and punched.In this phase the Inspirit often whines too much, is arrogant, makes annoying attempts to be cute and has unexpected craving for being evil and rebelling. The patient often questiones his sexuality towards Sungjong and believes the maknae looks amazing in every single dress. He/She also believes that Sungjong is the next №1 Diva once Brian is gone.

Phase Eight: This is the last state of Infinitism. Once the patient gets to this phase, the disease can no longer be cured and He/She is forever labeled as an Inspirit.

Symptoms: Never-ending blabber about the group, knowing every little detail about every member, and when the patient is a female: a desire to make at least one of the members a father of her child. The Inspirit in this last phase is fully dedicated to the group and has problems with concentration when He/She is supposed to do activities, that don’t include anything connected to Infinite. The patient is able to write down all the Infinite songs and lyrics.

The Hardcore Inspirits are agressive towards ANTI’s and Haters, but they’re nice to every person that can help Infinite and/or the fanclub.

The Infinitism is a VERY dangerous disease in every single one of it’s phases, so if you feel that you have any of these symptoms, you should go see a doctor.

Or not. Infinitism is not meant to be cured x3

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the most amazing thing in the world ever, infinite flawless perfection

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