Worked too hard

Sep 21, 2020 23:23

I didn't get done til nearly 11oo. I still have more grading to day but at least I have the test made and much of the lab graded. I hate this online class because I never feel like I have time for the damn thing It's like the forgotten step child

I'm also wondering what's going to happen. The CDC put out that 6 feet isn't enough and then erased it. I've been saying that all along. Of course us all going back 100% online is hard especially for the k-12 because parents have to be home and economists are already talking about how hard it will be for women to reenter the work force after this. Sigh.

As for me, I'm coughing but I think that's mostly allergies (let us hope)

I did a dumb. I'm trying to make exams and cook so I'm doing simple sauce and gnocchi. I walked away from the sauce without putting on a lid and there was sauce literally everywhere. Then I did another dumb. I dropped the gnocchi too hard and got a dime sized scald-blister on my wrist. It can accessorize the quarter sized one on the roof of my mouth from too-hot soup for lunch. I should be kept away from hot things.

My hike yesterday however was great. It was what I wanted Hocking HIlls to be. No one was around. I went to the Lake on the new trail. It was nice. I didn't go all the way through which I should have but I wasn't sure it made a loop (found out today it does)Hiked around about 4-5 miles but on the way out I DID have to give directions to lost hikers. Apparently I look like I know the woods. And I do.

I need to get on my big bang. I'm so running out of time. Sigh

mia vita pazzo

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