That was disappointing

Sep 19, 2020 23:31

It was gorgeous out, only in the low sixties, bright and sunny so I headed to the Hocking Hills to hike at Old Man Cave like I said y esterday. Once I was within two miles of it, I knew I was screwed because they are parked in the ditches. I counted at least 100 people just in the parking lot and could count the masks on my fingers. I said nope. LIterally because there was ONE spot and I was like fuck it. I did not want in that mass of humanity. I mean you can just about feel the virus spiking.

Same thing at Cedar Falls and Rock House. I found ONE spot at Ash Cave which is at least an easy hike I could do with a mask. College students everywhere being obnoxious. Why was there confetti all over the place? At least I could help some lost tourists back onto the right trail. I did get a few pictures but it was all in all depressing because you could see the effects of all the climate change and the high heat/low rain from April on. The creek was gone. The water fall wasn't much bigger than a dude peeing. It was sad. There were kids climbing the rocks, no one cared. There were no masks on half the people. There were complete fucktards walking through places WELL marked as dangerous, do not enter and/or habitat restoration and stay off.

Totally frustrated, I went home. At least it was a lovely drive with me blasting my music.

On the GOOD side of stuff I got my spook_me prompts and they are cool.

This is neat but this one is speaking to me I can just see that as Jessica's Home.

I'm almost done with the sequel to Bound by Fate which is the very dark canon-divergent Prodigal Son story (that caught flak for not having tags which there were plenty of but okay whatever). I can't think of a name for the series. So tired of naming things...

Have some fan recs. Not too many this time (half the Pson people are struggling to finish our big bangs. Why aren't I writing it? Oh right, I'm an idiot.)

Happy Joyful Love. 911 Lonestar

Playing With Fire Prodigal Son

Manic Monday Prodigal Son

Nature Due South

mia vita pazzo, fanfic

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