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Sep 14, 2020 22:46

My novella is out there and someone found it and loved it. Check it out here. Yes it's barely making a blip on the radar but it is a novella. I'm just happy that someone found it that fast and asked for a sequel. OMG everyone wants a sequel of this time. I'm going to have to deliver.

Blackboard is busy being a dick. It's now reading yet another test's answers as wrong because that's not anxiety inducing in my students (or in me) AND setting up last year's homeworks up for this year and every time I changed the date, it would say there's an error and I'd have to do it again. Every. Time. Die Blackboard, die.

Back to happy news, the Prodigal Son crew have two episodes of script in hand. Woot! I don't know how they're going to be doing this but they're one step closer.

And it was a good geek day because I got the Stands charity shirt with Crowley and Aziraphale on it (for Michael Sheen and Misha Collins' charity for the homeless, Super Good) and the two things I bought on Star Trek Day.

Also good the coworker I was subbing for is back and that freed me up to at least get some of my gradebooks made so I can start putting online grades into it.

And finally they fixed the a/c and now it's meat locker cold in my office. Better than the sweat box of the last two weeks

In the bad, I just can't with JK Rowling any more. Well I couldn't for a good few years now but now she's doubling down on her transphobia by having a transvestite serial killer in upcoming book. Yes, I'm sure that's happened in real life. Yes, frankly it's been done, it's the plot of one of my favorite movies SIlence of the Lambs (and even there it's problematic) but right now with all the transphobia and the killings of trans people, this is not the time for this book especially coming from a known TERF. Sigh.

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