[ficathon]: a very new years

Jan 02, 2018 21:16

first of all: i promised happyg_rl an excuse to prompt terrible things
second of all: pls ignore the composed on a phone banner i forgot this laptop didn't have photoshop

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thing-a-thons, !a very new years ficathon

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clockwork_hart1 January 2 2018, 21:17:50 UTC


happyg_rl January 2 2018, 21:25:11 UTC

You're my absolute favorite human 😘


clockwork_hart1 January 2 2018, 21:30:11 UTC
oh hush up

♥ ♥ ♥


ladymercury_10 January 3 2018, 17:44:21 UTC
Yay! Glad to see you and always happy to find a ficathon. <3


clockwork_hart1 January 2 2018, 21:18:42 UTC


clockwork_hart1 January 7 2018, 01:59:41 UTC
the truth is I'm a runaway | star wars | rey/finn/poe | mature | for happyg_rl


clockwork_hart1 January 2 2018, 21:26:43 UTC

any favs you read last year and wanna share? here's the place


happyg_rl January 2 2018, 21:28:43 UTC

Let's start off with an oldie but a goodie


When they write our story

I pray they won'tforget this part


clockwork_hart1 January 2 2018, 22:06:07 UTC
let it be known this was a murder and i will avenge myself!!!


Not A Rec katleept January 3 2018, 02:04:49 UTC
But can anybody rec anything with these two? It amazes me to know Drew and I aren't the only ones who ship them!!


RE: Not A Rec clockwork_hart1 January 3 2018, 12:09:22 UTC
hi love!

first of all I'll probably fill either this or one of the other inevitable j/j prompts that shows up so definitely keep watching the ficathon!

here are some drabbles I've written in the past

be healed (mary magdelen/judas/jesus)

and some fics by other people:
your memory lying next to mine by kwritten, my ultimate fav (I think there's an LJ post of it somewhere?)

the betrayer by kallinfrost on ao3
six more miles to Zion by liriaen
(don't) stop a kind of modern au, by tyleet

here is the ao3 tag there are some others that are good

+ bonus, a Judas tag


happyg_rl January 2 2018, 21:35:05 UTC

Wolf 359, Keplar/Jacobi/Maxwell (platonic)

Just something happy. Or them pissing each other off. Pre-Hephesteus. A game of Fortunately, Unfortunately. Or Questions Only. Or stuck in a building with no power. Or out in the field on a mission. Anything, honestly, with any of them playing the I-Can't-Believe-I'm-The-Responsible-One parent.


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