ficathon: small fandom / rarepair commentfest

Jul 13, 2017 22:53

I lied, I'm back (but i will be backing this up to dw when it's done)

1. Any fandom is welcome, however, the focus is on smaller fandoms. If you do prompt a big fandom, however, it MUST be a rarepair (or a gen fic with a rarely focused-on main character), and not just the second/third most popular ship in the fandom. Any pairing in a small fandom is fine. Crossovers are not only welcome but encouraged!2. Prompt as much as you wish, but make a separate comment for each prompt. The more prompts, the better, trust me.
3. When you fill a prompt, please leave a comment here (link, title, warnings, prompt). Art, fic, meta, fill with whatever. Multiple fills of any kind are encouraged!
4. Feedback is much appreciated, but you knew that already.
5. Have fun!

PS: tumblr post

thing-a-thons, !small fandom/rarepair fest.

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