fic: just ringing in my ears

Oct 11, 2016 15:51

So this is it. This was meant to be my heroine big bang but things fell wayside and that fell apart but God; this fic has been in production for over a year and outlasted... well, too many things. I realised I was on my 99th story on AO3 and y'know, I really wanted this to be my 100th ( Read more... )

dawn, fic, amy pond, femslash!, dawn/amy, model au!, inter-fandom lesbian shipping

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snogged October 12 2016, 11:32:20 UTC
*hugs* if you need them.

I'm excited to read your story. :)


clockwork_hart1 October 12 2016, 12:36:47 UTC
oh love I definitely need hugs. I'm thinking of doing another gross sad overshare-y update post soon bc things are a bit of a mess but they always are, aren't they?

I'm sorry I'm The Worst lj friend. what's been going on with you?? are there any posts I Need to read immediately have I missed anything good?? (I'm awful at keeping up here. sometimes I pop my head in on comms and fixations but otherwise I'm just. rubbish.)

I love you lots. *squish*


snogged October 15 2016, 00:36:43 UTC
I posted about a visit I had from another LJ friend of mine last weekend. That was pretty cool.

Admittedly, I've been bad about posting updates too. Life is mostly work, Zumba, TV, husband, eat, sleep. Repeat.


You are so not rubbish.

Love you too.


clockwork_hart1 October 23 2016, 13:13:41 UTC
one day I swear to get back into the swing of lj and actually catch up with all my friends here but yknow. overwhelming.

*13billion hugs*


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