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Jul 19, 2016 00:46

+ this is long and I've been ridiculous, lately, mainly due to boredom and borderline mania which is. a thing. let's pretend i'm not hopped up on pain meds and fucked up over illness and surgery and other such things

a murder on our mouths hardly as sweet

fandom: mcu
summary: natasha-centric; On foxes, and wolves. (And love.) (set all around Utron, pre, during, and post - mostly post. A year or so in the life of Natasha Romanov.)
pairing: natasha/bruce, natasha/clint/laura, natasha/wanda
rating: explicit

cosmos as the inverse of chaos (but we're all drinking to both)
fandom: marvel, young avengers
summary: Drinking - to party or otherwise - Kate Bishop style: a story in five parts. (five times fic)
pairing: implied kate/everyone, basically, but more gen than anything
rating: teen

in my wednesday worst, trembling and wretched and the antithesis of holy
fandom: foxhole court
summary: Allison flips the rim of her hat up and fixes her eyes on Renee, bringing the champagne bottle to her lips. “Ney”, she says, eyes bright as the glitter dusting her cheekbones, “I will give you a thousand bucks if you punch me in the face right now.”
pairing: renee/allison/dan
rating: teen

be stuck fixating on one star
fandom: flowers
summary: Donald gets the shell at the top, two paper wings bracketing it. It’s the smallest, like a chunk has been broken off.
rating: gen

laughs, like god
fandom: it's always sunny in philadelphia
summary: Dee is her brother’s sister, but she’s also her own person. Sometimes that means being a long line of intersection. Sometimes it means she's the only thing that keeps them all from killing themselves. (Dee, between childhood and age forty; on power, godhood, family and drinking games)
pairing: dee+dennis, dee/mac, dee/charlie
rating: mature

California night
fandom: bandom
summary: for the first time, for the last time, Z is the girl on the balcony
pairing: implied z/langley, z/charlotte, z/ryan but gen
rating: teen

for multi-genfic:

fandom: star wars
summary: (rey-centric) She wakes up and flicks the cabin lights on, a slow crawl of light shuddering out towards the darkness and everything, even the stars, still obscured through the glass.
rating: gen

for the ficathon:

beneath red skies (i always ask my brother what eye he wants to open in the dark)
fandom: book of enoch (christian bible)
pairing: raphael/azazel
rating: mature
prompt: I say I want you inside me / and you split me open with a knife.

can't kid a kidder, won't fool a sister
fandom: hamilton
pairing: peggy + alexander
rating: gen
prompt: peggy confides in me
for femslash100:

sing the body electric
fandom: mcu
pairing: maria/natasha
rating: mature
prompt: bruise

this pulse keeps 4/4 time
fandom: marvel, spider-gwen
pairing: mary jane/gwen
rating: teen
prompt: band

lest our feet forget the ground
fandom: marvel, young avengers
pairing: kate/america
rating: gen
prompt: flying

act as if
fandom: mcu
pairing: maria/natasha
rating: teen
prompt: challenge #504 - spy

inch towards the edge
fandom: mcu
pairing: natasha/wanda
rating: teen
prompt: challenge #500 - chase
put my faith in your mouth and bite down on it
fandom: dcu, birds of prey
pairing: dinah/babs
rating: teen
prompt: training

some glimpse of bliss (or taste of heaven)
fandom: penny dreadful
pairing: vanessa/catriona
rating: teen
prompt: whiskey

dee/mac, dee, dee/charlie, babs gordon, rey (sw), natasha/maria, wanda, peggy schuyler, tommy shepard, david alleyne, dennis, clint, gwen/mary jane, kate bishop, hamilton, all the fandoms, mcu, renee walker, natasha, natasha/clint/laura, natasha/bruce, bruce, tfc, mac, dan wilds, musicals are a lifelong commitment, kid loki, vanessa/catriona, dinah lance, comics: ruining lives since 1940, catriona, teddy altman, marvel, america chavez, vanessa ives, bandom, dinah/babs, penny dreadful, religion & myth, donald, allison reynolds (tfc), azazel, mary jane, alexander hamilton, dc, sunny, ot3s and polyamory, raphael, gwen stacy, dee/dennis, noh-varr, natasha/wanda, charlie, azazel/raphael, flowers, maria hill, star wars, kate/america, billy kaplan, laura barton

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