masterlist: what the id wants

Jul 19, 2016 00:03

(hello, i'm alive, i'm in recovery - at home on bedrest - i'm still not exactly a person but here's to getting there)

admitedly, six fics is a rather short masterlist but the time was brief and transient and I personally still have at least one in progress, so that's. something.

it was fun, until it wasn't, then it was by velvetwhip | heathers | teen | for clockwork_hart1 | heather c + jd, au: heather chandler is the one who falls for jd

beneath red skies (i always ask my brother what eye he wants to open in the dark) by clockwork_hart1 | book of enoch (christian bible) | mature | some dom/sub | for doreyg | Raphael/Azazel, I say I want you inside me / and you split me open with a knife.

everything you don't expect (we aren't here for your ideas of what we should be)  and do stars dream of electric sheep? by kwritten | tfc/his dark materials, starwars/his dark materials | mature | for clockwork_hart1

can't kid a kidder, won't fool a sister by clockwork_hart1 | hamilton | gen | for kwritten | peggy + alexander, peggy confides in me

i'm not a riddle wrapped in a mystery, i'm you wrapped in blood by kwritten | arrow | teen | for lynzie914| thea/tommy

my church offers no absolution | btvs | teen | (mentions of blood but no self-harm, just warning) | clockwork_hart1 | dawn, god au, listen, I have never been a careful girl

If I've missed anything, let me know! If you want to keep playing, go ahead!

!ficathonmasterlist, !what the id wants ficathon

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